6798 4th St Nw, Henderson NV
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 91
GPS coordinates: N 35.15915 W 106.63698 (located from address)
Updated by R MCLENDON, November 24, 2021 12:45 CST
NO NO NO!!! They do not have ethanol free gas here. I called first and the man said they did. Drove from Albuquerque to a Flagstaff AZ and watched my mileage plummet. You can't pay at the pump and must 'pay first' inside. I also stopped for ethanol free gas in Holbrook AZ, no issues.
Updated by Jason, September 16, 2021 12:19 CDT
$3.99/gallon for 93 octane on 9-3-21.
Updated by Todd, June 29, 2021 13:07 CDT
Still available through pump as of 6/29/2021 @$4.09999/gallon
Updated by David Lucas, May 27, 2021 13:40 CDT
Corrected phone number
Updated by Paul Kinzelman, May 25, 2021 12:08 CDT
May 24, 2021, it's $3.999/gal straight out of the pump so it looks like they sell enough of it it'll be around awhile. It's their high-test grade.
Updated by Jonathan Lathbury, May 20, 2021 14:53 CDT
Updated address.
Updated by Jonathan Lathbury, May 20, 2021 14:50 CDT
Restored original posting.
Updated by Jonathan Lathbury, May 20, 2021 14:49 CDT
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Updated by G Castillo, August 12, 2020 22:44 CDT
filled up with 91 ethanol free for 2.99 a gallon
Updated by Ken, May 25, 2020 17:00 CDT
boat fuel
Updated by JZ, June 26, 2019 18:37 CDT
Filled up with ethanol-free 91 on 6/18/2019. Price was around $3.40 per gallon. Employee had nice things to say about my car. There was also a super-authentic and delicious taco stand across the street with $1 tacos on Tuesdays.
Updated by Steve Moodie, January 26, 2019 16:54 CST
$3.00/gal., 91 octane, no ethanol, January 26, 2019
Updated by Jason, October 26, 2018 14:44 CDT
91 octane Ethanol free was $3.85/gallon. A $1 credit card fee is added when using a CC.
Updated by William, September 21, 2018 15:13 CDT
Just got 91 octane (only non-ethanol option) for $3.75/gallon.
Updated by Lance, August 28, 2018 15:46 CDT
Bought 91 octane non-ethanol today. $3.76 per gallon. The 86 octane has 10% ethanol. August 28 2018
Updated by J. Freeman, December 11, 2017 15:08 CST
Was there 12/11/17 91 non ethanol available
Updated by bob ginder, March 26, 2017 11:27 CDT
March 2017 91 octane , no ethanol.
Updated by J. Baird, January 20, 2017 14:45 CST
Just called. 91 Octane, $2.99 a gallon. Heading over there.
Updated by RK, December 03, 2015 20:40 CST
Only 88 octane available in E0. Not able to pay at pump.
Updated by Steve, September 02, 2015 9:33 CDT
Called Sept 2, 2015. They have it!
Updated by Carlos, July 02, 2015 21:56 CDT
I called and asked if they had ethanol free gas and I was told yes. I went and bought 2 gallons for my rotor tiller and pressure washer. After using the gas for a short time both my Rototiller and pressure water started to sputter and backfire. I took them into the repair shop and I was told I had bad gas. When I told the shop I bought ethanol free gas I was told that that was untrue it was the ethanol the cause the problems in my small engines.
Updated by Rick, June 03, 2015 14:59 CDT
Purchased 88 octane E0 earlier today at $2.999/gallon. Appeared this was only octane E0 available. Can't pay at pumps, older models without card readers.
Updated by Gary, November 13, 2014 23:37 CST
Pricey, always more than 88 from stations nearby.
Updated by Ken, October 10, 2014 16:55 CDT
Ethanol free gas readily available. Bought gas on 1 Oct 14 and 7 Oct 14. The person working at the gas station is very, very friendly and super customer oriented! If you use a credit card, there is a $1.00 charge. No extra charge for cash.
Updated by Neil McCasland, June 15, 2014 19:02 CDT
Only found 88 Octane w/o Ethanol today - the 86 is blended
Updated by Rick, May 04, 2014 14:02 CDT
Sorry, I meant Ethanol free fuel.
Updated by Rick, May 04, 2014 14:00 CDT
Nice folks. Ethanol fuel works great in my chainsaw and my weedeater, also in my rototiller.
Updated by rambler, April 14, 2014 9:01 CDT
Nice people with ethanol free gas for my lawnmowerr.
Updated by Paul Road, March 15, 2014 20:32 CDT
When I pass through Abq. I always stop in to fuel up my beast. They still sell 86 & 88 zero ethanol- pure gas. I filled up with the 88 and my car loved that tank of pure gas.
Updated by tony, October 06, 2013 9:18 CDT
midgrade price for no ethanol is 3.50 a gallon,
Updated by Randy, August 21, 2013 11:28 CDT
They do occasionally have E0 in the lower octane, but say they haven't had that since June. Their prices for 88 seem reasonable compared with 91 oct. E10.
Updated by Chris, August 18, 2013 9:54 CDT
Only unleaded plus is ethonal free. Price today is 3.60 per gallon
Updated by Jonathan Lathbury, March 29, 2013 20:47 CDT
Added phone number.
Updated by Jonathan Lathbury, January 24, 2013 1:53 CST
Updated octane availability.
Updated by Jonathan Lathbury, January 24, 2013 1:51 CST
This is a real service station. Very friendly folks. Their price today for 86 octane is $2.96.9 and for 88 octane $3.05.9 per gallon.
Updated by Jonathan Lathbury, January 17, 2013 10:09 CST
Called and confirmed they sell E0. Their price today is $3.05 per gallon. Their phone number is 505-344-1545. They are open 7 to 8 Monday through Friday and 8 to 8 on Sunday.
Updated by Benny, December 11, 2012 20:06 CST
According to owner, 88 octane is always E0. 86 octane is usually E0 if it's available for him to purchase. Great guy! My car loves this fuel!
Updated by Alex, November 30, 2012 10:19 CST
Tested the 88 octane fuel and found no ethanol in it.
Updated by roadrunner, November 07, 2012 6:06 CST
abbrev addr
Updated by Eric, October 23, 2012 13:13 CDT
3.52 for regular as of October 22
Updated by cruiserdan, September 24, 2012 18:57 CDT
9-23-12. 86 and 88 octane. $3.809 for 88.
Updated by Daniel, September 20, 2012 21:21 CDT
All pumps are now clearly marked "NO ETHANOL"; spoke to owner, who confirmed future shipments will continue to be E free..
Updated by TONY, September 18, 2012 13:13 CDT
Updated by J White, September 07, 2012 13:52 CDT
Changed octane
Posted by J White, August 15, 2012 19:21 CDT