Times Turnaround #41 - BP
5075 Charlotte Hwy, Clover SC
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 89
GPS coordinates: N 35.11656 W 81.07746 (entered by MadFueler)
Updated by MadFueler, August 04, 2019 15:10 CDT
Confirmed selling 89 octane pure gas in addition to their E10 products at all pumps; separate hoses with silver/gray handles and labels. Adjusted GPS coordinates using satellite photo to place map marker at center of station canopy.
Updated by Jonathan Lathbury, February 05, 2017 16:33 CST
Called and confirmed this is still a BP station and they still sell E0 gas.
Updated by Jonathan Lathbury, February 05, 2017 16:31 CST
Removed by Ron Ginn, December 04, 2016 6:03 CST
No longer a BP no ethanol free gas
Updated by tarheel, August 05, 2016 12:00 CDT
Updated by Rob Burdick, August 01, 2016 15:51 CDT
I have used it, been very pleased. Would like higher octane, but89 is better than 87
Updated by Joel, July 30, 2016 8:49 CDT
89 octane - $2.79
Updated by Topher, June 08, 2014 18:30 CDT
??? Rode thru the station...I didn't see any pumps marked ethanol free.
Updated by Jonathan Lathbury, February 22, 2014 21:21 CST
Added phone number.
Updated by Mike L., February 11, 2014 8:09 CST
Price is $3.59 Phone # 803-831-1468
Updated by David P., May 25, 2013 13:39 CDT
It is labeled as 100% gas 89 octane. $3.75 compared to 3.09 for regular. Put some in my truck and filled up jugs for lawnmowers and other small engine equipment.
Updated by Bill, April 02, 2013 19:37 CDT
This is good gas with no ethanol added. $381.9 the other day.
Updated by Tim Timmons, August 21, 2012 14:42 CDT
Ethanol Free pump labeled 89 octane, which is mid-grade octane, not premium grade.
Updated by Aaron, August 15, 2012 18:36 CDT
Used alcohol test kit and came up negative. Use in personal aircraft and not supposed to even have 5% blend. Thanks all!
Updated by Rik, July 29, 2012 7:14 CDT
High test only---$3.49
Posted by howvood, July 22, 2012 10:22 CDT
Haven't stopped there yet but saw the large banner advertising no ethanol gas