Route 24 Grocery - PURE
1039 Sandy Level Rd, Goodview VA
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 87 93
GPS coordinates: N 37.25201 W 79.70316 (located from address)
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Called and verified this station sells only E0 gas.
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I visited this station for the first time today due to a new need for ethanol free gas. Although it is right down the road from my house, I've never stopped there. It does look like something out of Mayberry and there is no pay at the pump. But to my surprise they did not require me to pay before pumping which is generally my complaint when you're uncertain how much you will need. And staff was exceptionally friendly. Something that isn't terribly common with the other small mom and pop stations in this rural area. Highly recommended.
Updated by BK, August 01, 2017 7:53 CDT
This location may be known by 2 different names, but the gas is always good. Best 93 octane ethanol-free that I have found for my picky motorcycle. Great people.
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station name
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Still all gas e-free!!!!
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Right on RT. 24. Old country store. Has everything!!! All gas e-free
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Updated address. Their phone number is 540-890-2112.
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Groceries and gas.
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Corrected town name so it can be found on map.
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Chamblissburg, VIRGINIA
Posted by Ed H Trottier, April 29, 2012 22:15 CDT
Rt 24 West, between Smith Mtn. Lake and Roanoke, VA, on S (left) side of Rt. 24. Appears NEW station.