Evans Store - UNBRANDED
5680 Hwy 20, Rome GA
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 90
GPS coordinates: N 34.25851 W 85.34402 (entered by Jeffrey)
Updated by Marty, September 24, 2016 18:57 CDT
TIFU, trying to buy 100% gasoline from Evans Store at 5680 Alabama Highway in Rome, Georgia. At 10:13 AM I called Evans and asked, “Do you have 100% gasoline?” The female who answered my question replied simply, “Yes.” So I loaded up the gas cans, drove across Rome to the next town, Coosa, and at 2:50 PM arrived at Evans Store, where I found most of the fuel pumps wrapped in plastic bags, presumably out of order. The clerk told me Evans Store had had no 100% gasoline since the pipeline in Alabama broke last week. I told him, his co-worker, and their customers I had been lied to and provided the details. Did he offer me a consolatory, free fountain drink or something similar as a token of minimal customer service? No, he did not, nor did his co-worker. Evans’s employees are prevaricatory, asinine, and lazy. Please read on this site my last review when I wasted my time and gas driving to this hick hole. So that today’s visit to Evans Store would not be another total waste of time and fuel and result in vehicular depreciation, risk of crashing at the adjacent dangerous intersection, etc., I shopped at Sam’s Club on my return trip. At least one employee of this exclusive, members-only, thieving business is always posted at its exit, where each member’s receipt is compared to the items in his buggy to ensure he is not also stealing. It takes one to know one. While I was about to give the inspector my receipt, none other than that bug-eyed, lying, thieving, Indian-giver Jay Patel bullies his way in front of me. That crook and his bogus gas sales are worse than those at Evans, and I have documented proof of his theft on this site and of Sam’s Club’s theft and incompetence on the Better Business Bureau’s site. A new alleged seller of 100% gasoline appeared on this site this month: “Circle K #3655, 2401 Garden Lakes Blvd, Rome, GA, 706-802-0474.” I called that number in search of 100% gasoline just now but got what sounded like a fax machine. Rome, Georgia, needs a centrally located, normal seller of 100% gasoline. On the other hand, replacing carburetors damaged by gasohol may be less expensive, time-consuming, and troublesome than trying to find 100% gasoline in Rome, Georgia. A gentleman named Myles, who works at Ace Hardware on Turner-McCall Boulevard in Rome, Georgia, does excellent work on machines that prefer 100% gasoline, and he is most affable. There is premixed fuel there, but it is too expensive. Why are there no solar-powered drones with grass-cutting propellers?
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Updated by Marty, May 24, 2015 16:39 CDT
Evans Store has no 100% gasoline today. The clerk told me May 24, 2015, his distributor had told him a week ago the next delivery would be in seven to ten days. He said no 100% gasoline means he gets out of cutting grass. He also said there is a station that sells 100% gasoline on Maple, but he did not know the name of it. Warning: Please do not buy gasoline from the station on Redmond, and read my reviews of it on this site.
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Pay inside only.