Fast Gas - TESORO
1091 N State St, Orem UT
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 88
GPS coordinates: N 40.31761 W 111.70397 (located from address)
Updated by Russ, August 23, 2019 0:03 CDT
Still selling Ethenol Free 88.
Updated by Christian, September 14, 2017 17:33 CDT
The finally got pay at the pump stations, where you previously had to go in and prepay or talk to someone and they would turn the pump on, so you could fill your tank. I love this place, they also have propane and Kerosene.
Updated by Coop, October 08, 2016 23:40 CDT
Filled up Oct. 7, 2016. Pump 12.
Updated by Norman, August 19, 2016 0:43 CDT
Still there today, 88 octane, clear non-oxygenated at $2.69 today, it will give better MPG
Updated by Norman, March 05, 2016 20:52 CST
Older style gas pump southeast side near the street, right at $2 called clear non oxygenated.
Updated by Christian, September 23, 2015 12:17 CDT
I got 88 Non oxygenated gas there yesterday. $2.97/gal Glad to know I have this station so close. It was pump 12, it has a big sticker saying NON-OXYGENATED, but the 85 pump right next to it has a "May contain up to 10% ethanol" sticker, this scared me until I realized it was for 85 octane, not the 88 octane.
Updated by darryl, April 23, 2015 11:19 CDT
they have 3 pumps with the 88 clean located on the south size. My go to station
Updated by Duane, February 04, 2015 15:28 CST
They only have this in 88
Updated by Robert, December 15, 2014 16:58 CST
Got some gas on Saturday last week, $2.99 @ gallon. About $.30 more per gallon, we'll see if it is worth it.
Updated by Sam, July 05, 2014 17:11 CDT
Priced at $3.87 today.
Updated by WESTRING INC, October 15, 2013 14:35 CDT
Were happy to announce we now have non ethanol 88 octane at our Spanish Fork Fast Gas! We will continue it in Orem as well. Thanks for everyone's business!
Updated by Jim, October 02, 2013 20:12 CDT
Bought 25 gallons there this week. $3.72/gal.
Updated by JD, July 31, 2013 21:59 CDT
$3.999 per gallon today.
Updated by Daniel Jackson, July 25, 2013 22:34 CDT
Drove over again today. Great people there and today's price was $3.86
Updated by Jonathan Lathbury, July 14, 2013 13:45 CDT
Added phone number.
Updated by Luis, June 03, 2013 11:51 CDT
$3.999 today, the e10 was 3.699. Great gas. My picky van knows the difference. This is top notch. No pay at the pump.
Updated by Jim, April 23, 2013 11:44 CDT
$3.80/gal. ethanol free
Updated by Miles, March 21, 2013 19:45 CDT
3.679/gallon. Great station!
Updated by Thomas, February 14, 2013 17:12 CST
Spoke with Cody and the 88 octane on pumps 11 and 12 near the diesel pumps is still E0.
Updated by Paul, December 07, 2012 15:07 CST
Talked to a guy over the phone. He says they still have the 88 ethanol free and it is currently $3.59 a gallon. Give em business to keep em going!
Updated by Michael Burton, October 02, 2012 17:51 CDT
Now at $3.99. Very happy to find this station.
Updated by Paul, September 17, 2012 16:11 CDT
Pump 11 and 12 have non-oxygenated 88 octane for $3.99/gallon. Pay inside, not at the pump.
Updated by byfan, July 30, 2012 5:42 CDT
Updated by Andrew, July 16, 2012 9:27 CDT
$3.74 a gallon at pumps 11 and 20, over by the diesel and propane tanks
Updated by B-Dogg, May 18, 2012 20:12 CDT
Filled up 5/18/12 for $3.99. So glad they've found a way to flout the flaming liberals that run the refineries. Fast Gas rocks!
Updated by Sonny, May 07, 2012 8:14 CDT
Filled up on 5/5/2012 Only on pump 11 and 12 by the diesel island. Was $3.95 gal. Happy to get it, my mileage increased 4mpg and it paid for itself on a 400 mile trip to WY
Updated by Rick James, April 10, 2012 19:13 CDT
They are now selling the ethanol-free gasoline in 88 octane since they had difficulty obtaining the 91 clear. They are selling a lot of it, so keep up the good work!
Updated by Cal, March 30, 2012 8:33 CDT
Any plans to bring ethanol free to the Salem Fast-Gas?
Updated by Austin Westring, February 13, 2012 20:28 CST
Updated address. Thank you for everyones business. I plan to keep the non-oxy fuel for as long as the refinery will let us. Any questions 801-224-3272 Store Number.
Updated by Rick James, January 29, 2012 17:36 CST
I filled up there today with premium grade ethanol free gasoline for 3.52/gallon. They dispense it only at pumps no. 11 and 12, which are located by the diesel pumps for heavy duty trucks by the side of the station. It is marked by a hand written sign that says "non-oxygenated fuel." They said that they don't have any plans to discontinue selling it, so stop by and bring them some business!
Updated by Eagle, January 21, 2012 22:53 CST
Filled up this afternoon at $3.479 per gallon. Give this station your business so that this ethanol free gas will remain available.
Updated by Jarom, January 12, 2012 9:00 CST
Drove by this morning, verified it is Tesoro, not Chevron. 91 oct non-oxy gas is almost as expensive as diesel there.
Posted by Matt Patten, December 11, 2011 11:19 CST