Strawberry Stop - UNBRANDED
3272 Us Hwy 52, Moncks Corner SC
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 89
GPS coordinates: N 33.05163 W 80.03393 (entered by Jay)
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Added phone number.
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US Hwy 52
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Only carry mid grade in ethanol free. 87 grade has 10% ethanol. mid grade is 40 cents more.
Updated by Chad, September 11, 2011 20:55 CDT
Card reader on pump doesn't work. Pay inside with cash. If you want to fill up with a credit card you have to leave the card inside with the attendant while you pump. Not too comfortable doing that.
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Amended address nomenclature once more. Will it show GPS coordinates this time?
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Amended address nomenclature. Should include GPS coordinates.
Posted by Howard Jones, July 23, 2011 22:43 CDT
A new and recent offering. Station is located about three miles north of Goose Creek, SC on New US 52 at the Old US 52.