Sportsman's Corner---Sprint Foods - UNBRANDED
2002 Martintown Rd, Clarks Hill SC
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 87
GPS coordinates: N 33.61388 W 82.02707 (located from address)
Updated by Jaime, March 04, 2019 13:49 CST
Hope I'm wrong but I didn't even see the ethanol free 87 over the weekend.
Updated by Howard Jones, February 18, 2019 9:54 CST
Still Sportsman's Corner, but changed from Greg's Gas Plus to Sprint Foods. Only ethanol-free octane available is 87.
Updated by Jonathan Lathbury, May 27, 2014 20:14 CDT
Added phone number.
Updated by Howard Jones, April 19, 2013 15:28 CDT
Finally! Sportsman's Corner, part of Greg's Gas Plus, now offers ethanol-free regular (87-octane) gasoline, and the pump is located on an island behind the store, near where the on- and off-road diesel pumps are located.
Updated by cockfan, July 08, 2012 10:34 CDT
updated brand
Updated by Howard Jones, January 14, 2012 20:39 CST
Clarified by stating "Part of Greg's Gas Plus Stores" in the Station Name. Also see North Augusta, SC and Greg's Gas Plus locations.
Updated by Howard Jones, June 18, 2011 18:39 CDT
Additional...this is located on SC 230 going north toward Modoc and McCormick, SC.
Posted by Howard Jones, June 18, 2011 18:37 CDT
Part of Greg's Gas Plus (see North Augusta, SC), it has ethanol-free premium (93-octane). Also, there is a Big Game Check Station for the S. C. Dept. of Natural Resources, and Sportsman's Barbecue next door. Like the other Greg's Gas Plus stores, now, if they would only also offer ethanol-free regular (87-octane) and ethanol-free mid-grade (89-octane) gasolines...