Buckhorn Bp - BP
400 Buckhorn Rd, Mebane NC
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 89
GPS coordinates: N 36.07775 W 79.22390 (entered by MadFueler)
Updated by David G, March 10, 2020 12:26 CDT
Pumps were replaced with new ones back in January and now 89 is not labeled as ethanol free now. Not sure if it has been discontinued or owner did not put labels on new pumps.
Updated by MadFueler, May 30, 2015 16:10 CDT
Added phone number; updated GPS coordinates from satellite photo to place map marker directly on station canopy (previous coordinates of 36.08019°N 79.22474°W are on wrong side of freeway as Swepson states below). Station is S of I-85/I-40 exit 157. Confirmed still sells ethanol-free 89 octane as its only midgrade gas.
Updated by Swepson, February 22, 2015 16:28 CST
Map slightly off as station is actually south of Interstate
Updated by DoctorQuality, May 16, 2014 18:36 CDT
Confirming, again. 2014-05-14. BP Silver (89) on the main islands is labeled ethanol-free. $397.9 (regular 87 + $0.40).
Updated by Jeff, April 05, 2014 14:59 CDT
Purchased silver mid grade 89 octane earlier in the week for the car, $3.95 a gallon. Again this station is not a 24 hour station. But gas mileage has been wonderful!
Updated by Steve from Cary, August 16, 2013 7:46 CDT
Still there, all Silver pumps are 89 and Ethanol free. $3.739/gal today.
Updated by Gary, May 02, 2013 8:58 CDT
Great find, all silver pumps have no ethonol. Cost are as high as premium.
Updated by Gary, April 25, 2013 16:31 CDT
Still selling ethonol free gas,,,,,,,,,,,, silver states clearly no ethonol in tank. 4/25/13
Updated by DoctorQuality, February 17, 2013 12:49 CST
Re-confirmed personally on 2013-02-15. 89 octane, priced at $4.16, regular + 0.44. This is NOT a 24/7 gas station.
Updated by DoctorQuality, August 14, 2012 7:42 CDT
2012-08-13. Personally confirmed. Sticker on pump clearly states "Silver (89) contains no ethanol." Priced at 40 cents above regular 87 grade. Gas & station are branded BP, but receipt gives name as "Amoco Food Shop," a holdover from when BP absorbed Amoco, I suppose.
Updated by Eric R, January 31, 2012 21:01 CST
Mid-grade still labeled 'ethanol-free' as of January 30, 2012 $3.729/gallon
Updated by cris jones, October 23, 2011 23:11 CDT
midrange ethonol free. charges $0.30 more a gallon than 87 oct.
Updated by bob smith, September 01, 2011 21:31 CDT
sells ethonol mfree midrange but charges the same as the premium grade.sticks it to you but blames the oil co because it does not contain ethonol/and costs more. the oil co adds the ethonol before shipment screwed again!
Posted by David G, June 11, 2011 15:46 CDT