Mobil - MOBIL
2201 Tenth Ave N, Lake Worth FL
Ethanol-free octane ratings:
GPS coordinates: N 26.62846 W 80.07588 (entered by Roland A)
Updated by Roland A, September 14, 2021 14:55 CDT
note: i Roland have note yet tested the gas at this station to confirm e0 as per fueltesters caveat (1) If anyone can test it please let us know (1) (1) "Sadly, several stations that advertise E0 ethanol-free gas, actually are selling E10! " archived 2021.09.13
Updated by Jonathan Lathbury, September 13, 2021 15:15 CDT
Updated name.
Posted by Roland A, September 13, 2021 15:11 CDT
next to many car dealerships and close to a 24 hour dunkin donuts (;