Sunoco - SUNOCO
890 E Street Road, Warminster PA
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 100
GPS coordinates: N 40.19106 W 75.07228 (entered by Brian de Villa)
Updated by Jake FriXXX, March 31, 2021 8:07 CDT
They do not sell ethanol free fuel. Operator said so.
Updated by Brian, March 19, 2021 6:51 CDT
Just spoke with someone there. 100 octane, 3.9% ethanol. $10/gal
Updated by J, February 25, 2021 9:28 CST
Proprietor told me that while this is 100 octane, it does contain ethanol.
Posted by Brian de Villa, February 01, 2021 8:41 CST
They've stated that their 100 Octane is ethanol free, even though there have been ethanol labels on their pump. I'd like to know if it has been determined that their race gas actually has ethanol, as I use it for my small engines.