Quality Mart - SHELL
1611 Walnut St, Cary NC
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 93
GPS coordinates: N 35.76385 W 78.74738 (entered by Buzz)
Updated by Jonathan Lathbury, June 05, 2020 10:35 CDT
Called and verified this station does sell 93 octane E0 gas.
Updated by Jonathan Lathbury, June 05, 2020 10:34 CDT
Removed by Zach Connor, June 05, 2020 9:39 CDT
This station does not have ethanol free gas
Updated by John, May 11, 2020 8:49 CDT
Pump does not specify it is Shell gas. All other pumps have a Shell logo at each individual pump handle.
Updated by L williams, March 02, 2020 11:59 CST
Purchased today. $2.99. Another station in Raleigh is more and when I pump 5 gallons I only get 4.5. This station I pumped 5 and had 5 gallons from reading on can. This is my new station for non ethanol
Posted by Buzz, December 10, 2019 12:58 CST
Blue handles labeled e-free 93. Today's price was $3.399