Seminole Travel Center - MARATHON
4690 Us Hwy 27, Weston FL
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 90
GPS coordinates: N 26.06651 W 80.43416 (located from address)
Updated by Me, June 23, 2017 8:33 CDT
Pump 13. $3.40
Updated by MDF, January 24, 2017 14:42 CST
$3.39 per gallon past couple of weeks, cash or credit. Call first to make sure pump is working and they have gas. See other comments about tank specifics. I'm going to ask next time how often they fill the tank.
Updated by Neal, May 02, 2016 12:49 CDT
Updated by Bob, October 02, 2015 20:52 CDT
$3.19 October 1st 2015.
Updated by Bob, September 30, 2015 23:47 CDT
$3.19 September 30, 2015.
Updated by SSS, August 28, 2015 9:57 CDT
$3.39/gal REC90
Updated by KG, July 19, 2015 18:44 CDT
$3.49/gal today.
Updated by SteveK, February 21, 2015 19:53 CST
Price Rec90 is $3.49 and now open 24/7
Updated by Spencer, November 01, 2014 18:35 CDT
Price on Nov 1, 2014: $3.999/gal
Updated by Wes, June 18, 2014 20:19 CDT
Current price today $4.49
Updated by Steve, March 16, 2014 7:47 CDT
I bought yesterday rec 90 $4.49gal. I couldn't find on the list because I was thinking ft Lauderdale. My boat and lawn mower couldn't be happier!
Updated by Blueskies123, January 18, 2014 6:44 CST
Any idea how fresh the gas is in that above ground tank in the back?
Updated by Blueskies123, January 18, 2014 6:43 CST
Any idea how fresh the gas is in that above ground tank in the back?
Updated by Paul W., March 31, 2013 21:23 CDT
Transfrd phone # into # field.
Updated by john eastman, December 17, 2012 15:37 CST
Charging $4.69 per gallon when everyone else is at $3.79 for same. This station is greedy and should be boycotted if possible! Price gougers should be run out of business!
Updated by Mark., December 02, 2012 6:34 CST
Note, it's still $4.59 here while REC-90 is also available in Pompano for $3.89.
Updated by Mark, October 28, 2012 17:52 CDT
As of last night it was $4.59 per gallon. REC-90 can be found in Pompano Beach for $3.91 per gallon, still better than gas with ethanol which cost even more to use because of the alcohol reducing the fuel economy.
Updated by Mark, October 08, 2012 17:24 CDT
It's nice they have the REC-90 but last time I was there it was $4.69 per gallon and there are other REC-90 locations for as little as $4.29 per gallon not too far away.
Updated by Robert Barea, August 21, 2012 7:02 CDT
Pump #13 is in rear and labeled as 90 Recreational and was $4.42
Updated by Mark, April 11, 2012 11:26 CDT
Current price is $4.45 which is on par for this location. Using regular unleaded with ethanol would be the same as paying $6.10 per gallon so it's still worth it to use REC-90 because the old style gas without ethanol lasts so much longer than gas with ethanol. Ethanol in all other gasoline products makes no sense at all.
Updated by Dwmmlm, March 05, 2012 13:12 CST
Up to $4.30 for credit price.
Updated by Dwmmlm, February 29, 2012 18:10 CST
Pump 13 in back..$4.16
Updated by Mark, January 15, 2012 22:41 CST
I just came from here. It's now $3.89 here, $3.85 in Hialeah and $3.96 in Coral Springs. It was $3.79 in Pompano Beach last week but it's been since last week since I've been there.
Updated by Mark, January 06, 2012 21:33 CST
At $4.29 for CC or $4.24 for cash it's better than using gas with ethanol but REC-90 can be found in Coral Springs for $3.76 or Hialeah for $3.63 as of this past week.
Updated by charger John, January 01, 2012 23:45 CST
current price $4.29 CC $4.24 Cash. Can be found significantly cheaper at other stations in area. Above ground tank on north side of store. Pump # 13.
Updated by alex, December 20, 2011 21:25 CST
(954) 434-0660
Updated by Jeff, August 15, 2011 19:26 CDT
Typo on above entry - REC-90 was $4.29 Credit Card, $4.24 Cash as of 8/14/2011
Updated by Jeff, August 15, 2011 19:24 CDT
Pump was working Ok. REC-90 was $4.29 Credit Card, $4.24 Cash as of 8/16/2011
Updated by Mark, April 17, 2011 21:11 CDT
As of current date the REC-90 is $4.27. They've had problems with that pump recently so call before setting out, 954-434-0660.
Updated by Mark, March 06, 2011 6:51 CST
As of current date gas is $3.89 per gallon, $3.84 if you pay cash. You would have to find E-10 for $3.21 to break out even. At the other end of the spectrum buying E-10 would have the same cost per mile as paying $4.72 per gallon.
Updated by Mark, July 10, 2010 23:19 CDT
It's in the back behind the truck diesel lanes, pump # 13, an above ground tank. It's $3.249 if you prepay cash or $3.299 for credit and bank cards. Because of the increased fuel economy it's worth it to me to drive 13 miles on surface streets or 18 miles of highway driving from Davie to get this non-ethanol gas. Beware the pump is not covered when it's raining.
Posted by Brent, March 11, 2010 12:58 CST
The pump is NOT at the regular pumping station, Ask the station tenant. The fuel is refered to as REC 90. The cost per gallon if you have cash is $3.07 , cedit card $3.12 as of 3/11/2010 (954) 434 - 0660