Pulaski Performance Fuels - VALERO
601 Ogden Street, Somerset KY
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 87 93 110
GPS coordinates: N 37.09519 W 84.61765 (entered by fred goodwin)
Updated by Fred goodwin, April 19, 2020 14:18 CDT
We no longer carry 90 REC. Instead we now have a less expensive 87 REC non ethanol for all your daily drivers ,off road and lawn equipment! We also have 93 REC for high performance cars and motorcycles!
Updated by fred goodwin, October 05, 2019 13:59 CDT
90 REC is 24 hr 7 days a week with credit or debit card, cash REC90 and race fuel can be purchased 7am to 5pm week days
Posted by fred goodwin, October 05, 2019 13:47 CDT
we have Ethanol free REC90 90 octane at the pump and we also stock many sunoco leaded and unleaded race fuels in sealed 5 gallon pails!