Elger Bay Grocery - GULL
1992 S Elger Bay Rd, Camano Isl WA
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 92
GPS coordinates: N 48.13868 W 122.46742 (entered by Griz)
Updated by stan, March 01, 2018 17:49 CST
Updated by Liz, January 16, 2017 21:25 CST
I work at this location, and our premium is 92 octane and 100% ethanol free. Our midgrade is a combination of that premium and our regular unleaded (which has up to 10% ethanol). Note that we are NOT off exit 221 - we are in the middle of Camano Island, about 17 miles west from exit 212. If you follow the signs to Camano Island State Park we are on the road that goes there.
Updated by John, August 08, 2014 13:06 CDT
Updated octane as per Roger's comment above.
Updated by Raven, July 24, 2013 16:47 CDT
Elger Bay Grocery is NOT closed. I bought fuel there last week. Premium is E0.
Updated by Steve, June 14, 2013 15:49 CDT
Elger Bay gas & grocery is Closed. They lost their lease.
Updated by Dan, April 24, 2013 23:43 CDT
Premium is now ethanol free. Just filled up one of our cars on 4/24/13.
Updated by Roger, March 23, 2013 12:56 CDT
10% ethanol currently. Station owner says he should be able to get new ethanol-free 90 octane in April.
Updated by Ken, March 12, 2013 6:46 CDT
Drove by yesterday, and the pumps now say 10% ethanol
Updated by al, March 12, 2013 6:14 CDT
Removed by Jay, March 07, 2013 21:45 CST
No longer ethanol free
Updated by Marcus Evans, March 07, 2013 18:25 CST
This station and all other stations in our area no longer carries ehtanol free gasoline. Guess our small engine machines and our cars will soon have mechanical issues. I've just bought a new lawn mower due to the previous mower (among other machines I have) having engines tnat have failed. Can you say bigger profits for the refinery as well as the economy getting stimulated by us all having to buy new machines since their life span will be shorter. Cleaner air, ya right, what a bunch of BS!
Updated by al, December 01, 2012 5:58 CST
Updated by Jacob, November 15, 2012 14:51 CST
Loyd, what do you mean "Exit 221 off I-5 on the west side."? This station is in the middle of Camano Island. The closest freeway exit to this station is about 30 miles away, towards the east side of Stanwood off exit 212. By the way, this station still has ethanol free gas (to the best of my knowledge) as of the date of this comment's publication.
Updated by Griz, April 06, 2012 11:02 CDT
Updated coordinates for this one.
Updated by Chuck, October 16, 2011 21:46 CDT
I checked approx 9/25 and still no ethanol.
Updated by Jacob, April 29, 2011 18:59 CDT
Oops, meant to say Gull gasoline not Valero. I JUST CHECKED: As of 4-29-2011, and this station has no ethanol in their gas whatsoever.
Updated by Jake, April 25, 2011 19:28 CDT
It switched to Valero
Updated by Jeff, October 05, 2010 13:43 CDT
New find
Updated by Jeff, October 05, 2010 13:39 CDT
No longer avaliable from my source
Posted by Loyd, March 09, 2010 12:09 CST
Exit 221 off I-5 on the west side.