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1061 Talbot St, St. Thomas ON
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 91
GPS coordinates: N 42.77874 W 81.17117 (entered by Zed)
Updated by Zed, August 02, 2019 21:54 CDT
Straight from Imperial Oil: Synergy-branded gasoline does contain ethanol, as do the far majority of all gasoline (regular, midgrade & premium) in Canada. Here are the ethanol percentages found in the fuel sold at our branded retail service stations: · Regular unleaded gasoline (Octane 87) at selected locations contains 10% ethanol (ERUL or E10) · Midgrade gasoline (Octane 89) at locations with E10 contains 5% ethanol (midgrade is a blend of regular and premium gasoline) · Premium unleaded gasoline (Octane 91) does not contain ethanol · Supreme + gasoline (Octane 93 and only available at certain location) contains 10% ethanol · Diesel gasoline does not contain ethanol We hope this information has been helpful. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to assist you. Sincerely, Keirstin Consumer Care Specialist
Posted by Zed, August 02, 2019 21:50 CDT