Mighty Joe's Gas - UNBRANDED
1231 Route 206, Shamong NJ
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 91 110
GPS coordinates: N 39.81309 W 74.75317 (located from address)
Updated by Dirt Rider, May 30, 2021 9:41 CDT
Just got 10 gallons of the 91 ethanol free. Running about $6/Gallon or $1.59/Liter. It is sold by the liter.
Updated by Ditch Menner, November 20, 2020 15:50 CST
@Mitch Denner, that's your choice but not sure what the "wow" is all about. I'd like to see you find ethanol free gas in South Jersey for less than $5. Everyone says "just get the canned gas from the home improvement stores", sure go ahead and price it out. It's $20/gal, get yourself educated before trying to price shame someone, chump.
Updated by Mitch denner, August 06, 2020 8:46 CDT
Just called mighty joes and they only carry the 91 octane, no 110 and the 91 is $5.67 a gallon WOW! Looks like i won't be getting any non ethanol fuel there.
Updated by Mike Cimer, May 17, 2020 9:13 CDT
Unfortunately they no longer sell it. They said their supplier went out of business
Updated by Joel Hannan, November 27, 2019 16:39 CST
On 11/17/2019 bought 10 gallons of 91 non-ethanol at $1.499 / liter ($5.68 / gal). To confirm it's non-ethanol I did a simple water test in a 100 ml graduated cylinder. I put in 25 ml water and then 75 ml of this gas and stirred it up. After settling the water/gas line remained at 25 ml! Then I did the same test with ethanol gas and the water/gas line settled at 30 ml (showing the ethanol mixed with the water). This is proof enough for me this MJ's gas is ethanol free. Will be coming back.
Updated by Richard, August 27, 2019 17:02 CDT
Just got 91 octane ethanol-free racing fuel. Still $5.68/gallon
Updated by Jimmy P, June 13, 2019 18:52 CDT
6/13/19. All good have 91 and 110 octane, just picked up 10 gallons.
Posted by Jonathan Keyzer, May 10, 2019 20:30 CDT
After a lot of searching, I discovered Mighty Joe's Gas (mightyjoesdeligrill.com) which provides Insinger Performance Stinger 91 (www.insingerperformance.com) on pump. Stinger 91 is a NON-ETHANOL unleaded race fuel with an octane rating of 91 (R+M/2). It functions well in a variety of applications to include 8-cylinder Crate Engine oval track racing, Powersports, Small Engines and anywhere in which a NON-ETHANOL quality fuel is desired. It can offer benefits compared to pump fuels which contain ethanol as Stinger 91 will provide better fuel economy without promoting unwanted deposits or water attraction. It is sold per liter and not per gallon. 05/10/2019 - Price per gallon is $5.68 Vincent is the owner.