Mobil - MOBIL
5121 County Road #21, Haliburton ON
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 91
GPS coordinates: N 45.04674 W 78.53590 (located from address)
Posted by Fred, January 25, 2019 20:52 CST
Warning: Just because a gas station offers higher octane fuel such as 93 does not mean it is ethanol free. Here is a statement from Mobil Canada where they admit that their 93 Supreme + contains ethanol: "Synergy-branded gasoline does contain ethanol, as do the far majority of all gasoline (regular, midgrade & premium) in Canada. Here are the ethanol percentages found in the fuel sold at our Mobil branded retail service stations: · Regular unleaded gasoline (Octane 87) at selected locations contains 10% ethanol (ERUL or E10) · Midgrade gasoline (Octane 89) at locations with E10 contains 5% ethanol (midgrade is a blend of regular and premium gasoline) · Premium unleaded gasoline (Octane 91) does not contain ethanol · Supreme + gasoline (Octane 93 and only available at certain location) contains 10% ethanol · Diesel does not contain ethanol" Email Exxon Mobil Esso for more details: