Love's Travel Stop - LOVE'S
21948 Ca Hwy 46, Lost Hills CA
Ethanol-free octane ratings:
GPS coordinates: N 35.61664 W 119.65888 (entered by Jonathan Lathbury)
Removed by Eric Sherwood, March 29, 2019 13:19 CDT
no clear gasoline at this location
Updated by Eric Sherwood, March 29, 2019 13:19 CDT
just called this place to confirm before my trip and the lowest ethanol content they have is 10%...the do NOT have clear gasoline
Updated by Jonathan, February 17, 2019 17:40 CST
I have shopped at this station many times and never saw ethanol-free gas sold sold here. It's possible I just never noticed it. I'll check next time I stop there. My understanding the California Air Resources Board requires all fuel sold in Southern California a minimum amount of oxygen content. Most refiners meet this requirement by adding ethanol.
Updated by Jonathan Lathbury, January 23, 2019 7:04 CST
Updated GPS coordinates. I am dubious that Loves sells E0 gas. I hope someone will go by and confirm this.
Updated by Karen, December 17, 2018 14:32 CST
Spoke with general manager,, and he said all CA Love's carry fuel that does not contain ethenol.
Posted by Karen, December 17, 2018 13:13 CST