Ben Little Pure - PURE
4663 Trousdale Dr, Nashville TN
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 87 89 93
GPS coordinates: N 36.08238 W 86.75845 (located from address)
Updated by Andrew Little, March 22, 2020 19:00 CDT
93 octane is at the single pump near the road.
Updated by Adam C., October 07, 2019 11:21 CDT
Went today because I thought they had 93 octane, only had up to 90.
Updated by Jackso, September 30, 2018 10:35 CDT
I didn't notice 93 octane at the pumps today...
Updated by Andrew Little(owner), July 18, 2018 12:26 CDT
Now selling 93 octane non-ethanol. Station has 87,89,90 and 93 non-ethanol.
Updated by clyde, September 04, 2015 11:23 CDT
Got 87 and paid at the pump. Good access off of I-65. Paid $2.99 a gallon
Updated by Doug, August 13, 2015 21:19 CDT
They expect 93 octane in the fall.
Updated by Motobilly, July 05, 2015 12:03 CDT
Bummer! They got rid of all 93 octane. Only options are 87 and 90.
Updated by Jonathan Lathbury, December 14, 2014 8:36 CST
This station has 24 hour pumps for after hours. Their price today for E0 is 87 octane $2.89.9, 89 octane $3.09.9, and 93 octane $3.29.9 per gallon. Easy access from Harding Place (Tn Hwy 255) near I-65 but not too far from I-24.
Updated by J, October 25, 2014 23:47 CDT
$3.49 for 87 on 10/24/14
Updated by james, February 27, 2014 19:00 CST
filled up 3- 5gal gas cans for lawnmowers
Updated by Scott H., January 16, 2014 17:29 CST
Just filled up here. Had 87, 89, and 93, all 100% gasoline.
Updated by Lilian Bruce, November 24, 2013 10:04 CST
just got 93 ethanol free on a Sunday morning even though the station was closed
Updated by Deshun, August 21, 2013 3:04 CDT
Regular Only for the past few weeks.
Updated by Gregg, July 26, 2013 14:32 CDT
I stand corrected. Ben now has all grades again (supplier issue).
Updated by Gregg, July 23, 2013 17:11 CDT
no longer sells 93 octane, now carries 87 and 90.
Updated by Ned, June 29, 2013 13:35 CDT
Had regular and mid-grade today. Can pay at the pump, which is a great advantage over other small stations that are often closed during off-peak hours.
Updated by David, June 14, 2013 12:56 CDT
Added phone number
Updated by Deshun, June 11, 2013 0:02 CDT
Only regular as of today.
Updated by al, January 10, 2013 4:39 CST
addr abbrev
Updated by Jim Sullins, August 29, 2012 12:08 CDT
I just finished reading about another Marathon "ethanol free" station on the list and the guy stated that Marathon hasn't had ethanol free gas since last year !
Updated by Jon D, April 06, 2012 17:47 CDT
Filled up today. Great station. Only disappointment was that the pump stops at $100. Other than than, it's really convenient right off of I-65.
Updated by Jay H, December 31, 2011 22:48 CST
Glad to see Mr. Little switched from Marathon and now has new pumps and reliable service. Nice man to talk with if you get a chance.
Updated by Cathy R, December 27, 2011 13:39 CST
I was able to get gas here at 8pm on Christmas Day! Pretty cool for a "Mom & Pop”!
Updated by Andrew, October 11, 2011 12:57 CDT
This station now has all three grades of ethanol-free fuel. The pumps are open 24 hours with a credit card
Updated by Cathy R, October 09, 2011 22:23 CDT
I drove to this station on Sat. Oct 8, 2011, a little after 5 PM and it was closed, BUT the credit card pumps were working! Yaahh! I and others were able to fill up even though it was closed!
Updated by Bobby B, October 01, 2011 12:56 CDT
I drove by this station today, Oct. 1st 2011. It is CLOSED. Don't waste your time.
Updated by Jeff J., August 09, 2011 18:08 CDT
Filled up yesterday. Premium was $4.05, about 10 cents more than what I've seen at Shell. I think my car definitely likes it better....
Updated by Tim Holman, July 21, 2011 13:36 CDT
Station has changed from Marathon to Pure, but still sells ethanol-free gasoline. Not sure if Ben Little still runs the place, but the garage is still operating, and a small restaurant has been added to the side of the building.
Updated by Ed Bodnar, May 19, 2011 23:42 CDT
Privately owned station. Also does Auto Repair
Posted by David Cain, April 22, 2011 7:33 CDT