1615 Wesel Blvd, Hagerstown MD
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 87
GPS coordinates: N 39.63233 W 77.75893 (located from address)
Updated by Don from WV, June 01, 2019 16:29 CDT
Yup, blue nozzles, 87 octane, ethanol-free. Looks like new pumps, because e-free was part of the pumps. Other side of road from Taco Bell, Chick Fil-A, Sam's Club, Lowe's, out in front of Value-City. Paid 301.9 per gallon, Sam's had reg 87 octane for $266.9, so .35 more per gallon for e-free at Ac&T.
Updated by Dave, March 05, 2019 15:00 CST
It was only 30 cents more than the regular gas! Look for the blue handles
Updated by Rudy, January 14, 2019 8:39 CST
Ethanol free gas is located only on the pumps that have a blue handle. The pumps are clearly labeled "Ethanol free gas"
Updated by Grankin, October 19, 2018 11:04 CDT
87 Octane for $3.09 today. Available at the pumps with white handles (now at two pump islands).
Updated by brian, August 18, 2018 15:34 CDT
I just got 15 gallons for 3.09 a gallon
Updated by empire, June 13, 2018 9:08 CDT
abbrev addr
Posted by Cliff, June 12, 2018 18:29 CDT
87 Octane ethanol-free gas pump located on one side near the entrance door to the store (not at the pump islands) for $3.05/gallon on 6/12/2018