Rickers Get Go - UNBRANDED
1701 25th St, Columbus IN
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 90
GPS coordinates: N 39.22299 W 85.90657 (located from address)
Updated by Duncan Adams, January 16, 2020 6:30 CST
Update on my last post . Went to Seymour to scout for non ethanol . Casey's General Store - 933 W Tipton St Non Ethanol on pumps 3+4 and 9+10 Blue Handle - Center Island - Non ethanol 88 Oct -$2.38 Reg That is not a typo and I say it yesterday . 2.38 a gal 88 oct, Get in go wants $3.59 that is what I paid Friday last week . So if you need a bunch of that fuel and it works out go to Casey's General Store in Seymour . 359 -237 = 1.22 a gallon saving . That is shameful .. the have to make money but come on . Wal-mart in seymour chargers Prem price for non ethanol 3.59 a gal .. up your's
Updated by Duncan Adams, January 13, 2020 4:36 CST
Bought 10 gas ethanol free yesterday . First purchase with them . They 3 blends of reg . The mid grade is 89 octane . The E Free is 90 and 50 cents more than their premium !! In North Vernon Case's General store has E Free gas . It's their premium and in the past they just sell it at the current premium price . I was P**sed off with the price that Ricker's charged . Yes I'm glad they carry it . They stick it to you on price . But then again it's Columbus Indiana and they as a city think the axis of the earth rotates around them there . I will try to buy at Case's in North Vernon in the future I'll just work it in to some of my traveling . If for no other reason out of principal . Get N Go .. 50 cents more a gal for LESS octane . Not cool dude .
Updated by J Canellas, October 28, 2019 12:06 CDT
Pump 1 and 2 are ethanol free.
Updated by Randy B., September 17, 2018 20:13 CDT
Changed the octane rating from 91 to what it is currently and that is 90
Updated by terry, May 05, 2017 8:49 CDT
Posted by Paul Bartlett, May 04, 2017 10:24 CDT