Green Petroleum - PACIFIC PRIDE
20 Hwy 150, Chelan WA
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 87 92
GPS coordinates: N 47.83709 W 119.99519 (entered by Jared)
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I talked with Randy at Green Petroleum. He said that the next generation card reader that Pacific Pride will be introducing will have provision for standard bank credit cards. However they are not set up yet and do not know how soon that will be. For now it will be necessary to become a Pacific Pride card holder. Its very easy to apply for and get a Pacific Pride card. You do not have to be a big customer and can purchase as little as you want. They are a 24/7 card lock facility. No minimum quantity purchase required. They will deliver at minimum 100 gallons and in that case can take cash or credit cards. Pump 8 has the 92 octane E0 and pump 9 has the 87 octane E0. If you put in option 10 it will unlock the bathroom for you.
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92 is available only for bulk delivery, not through card lock pump.
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Only has 87 Octane.. No 92 Octane
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87 is available @ commercial card lock & bulk delivery. 92 is available only for bulk delivery.
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If you don't have a commercial account, you cannot purchase fuel here - nice folks, but no gas. Just sayin'...
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Changed address to try to get map correct.
Posted by Jared, March 16, 2011 10:56 CDT
Pacific Pride, Voyager, Wright Express, Comdata, TCH, T-Chek, & Fleet One cards accepted. Bulk delivery also available, 100 gal minimum.