Platte Clay Fuels - UNBRANDED
510 Sam Barr Dr, Kearney MO
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 91
GPS coordinates: N 39.36978 W 94.38084 (entered by D. Lipsky)
Updated by Jonathan Lathbury, June 30, 2017 14:21 CDT
According to Dave Christensen this station is selling 91 octane E0 gas.
Updated by Jonathan Lathbury, June 30, 2017 14:19 CDT
Removed by Kevin Schmuecker, May 05, 2014 10:11 CDT
Remove station
Updated by Kevin Schmuecker, May 05, 2014 10:10 CDT
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. They havew removed premium fuel altogether. No E0 fuel available.
Updated by Shawn, April 17, 2014 6:25 CDT
This station NO longer caries Alcohol Free Fuel. They are playing a recorded message at the pumps apologizing for the change but explaining current regulations make alcohol free gasoline to expensive for them to continue to sell.
Updated by Jonathan Lathbury, February 07, 2014 13:03 CST
Added phone number.
Updated by Fred Smith, December 18, 2013 18:08 CST
Appears that it still has 87 non-alcohol.
Updated by Paul Martin, December 18, 2013 18:07 CST
Removed by Frank Zacher, September 26, 2013 16:17 CDT
No longer has alcohol free gas.
Updated by J. Hall, April 17, 2013 9:26 CDT
I have used this source for 99.9% of all fuel for over ten years now without any problems. I hope I'm not jinxing myself now...
Updated by Jonathan Lathbury, March 15, 2013 15:50 CDT
This is an un-manned 24/7 facility with a card reader next to the pump. Their 91 octane is E0. Their phone number is 816-628-3121.
Updated by Robert, July 19, 2012 15:52 CDT
$3.699 on 19 July 2012
Posted by D. Lipsky, March 15, 2011 20:39 CDT
About 1/4 mile west of I35, just off highway 92.