Gas Usa - GAS USA
4660 Jonestown Rd, Harrisburg PA
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 87
GPS coordinates: N 40.30310 W 76.81137 (located from address)
Updated by Jon, March 02, 2020 5:33 CST
Fuel is not ethanol free. My truck was reading 11% before 30gal fill. It read 10.9-11% after. I have a 34 gal tank
Updated by CNLohr, March 18, 2018 18:27 CDT
Still kinda high I think it was $3.70, but they've still got it as a separate pump at two of the pumps.
Updated by Dennis M, July 15, 2015 14:44 CDT
July 9, 2015 E0 $3.70 & E10 #2.76 - still a ripoff but it is the only game in town along I-78 in mid-PA.
Updated by Lucas, January 17, 2015 21:41 CST
Do not waste your time with this station! They quoted me a price of 3.25 for 87 ethanol free today. Are you kidding me!! That is what you call a rip off. Other stations are around 2.50 to 2.65 for 87 octane.
Updated by Rick, August 15, 2014 10:06 CDT
08/12/14 - 85 cents premium for 87 octane. Seems a bit high
Updated by Jay, June 29, 2014 19:58 CDT
I bought 87 octane ethanol-free gasoline here a month ago. It is located on the westbound side of route 22.
Updated by Lorraine Clepper, September 29, 2013 17:57 CDT
Price is now $4.21 for e0.
Updated by Jonathan Lathbury, June 25, 2013 16:44 CDT
Added phone number.
Updated by Luis, June 08, 2013 6:57 CDT
Came by again - they got it, BUT STILL EXPENSIVE. e10 $3.37, e0 $4.11
Updated by Luis, May 26, 2013 9:00 CDT
$4.11 with their e10 at $3.45 on 5/27/2013. I just got some e10 down the road. Ridiculous. **don't go out of your way**
Updated by Jay, November 05, 2012 6:11 CST
They still sell E0 contrary to recent posts. I have run my car over 2000 miles on their gas and have had an honest 6% increase in MPG. Price is usually about the same as E10 hi-test.
Updated by Bilbo Baggins, November 05, 2012 4:50 CST
I bought 100% gas here last month (OCT) and my vehicle ran much better than on gasohol. Price was 4.21 per gal
Updated by Chris Lewis, October 27, 2012 13:12 CDT
Station was busted a year ago. No non ethanol pump at this station!!!! Beware.
Updated by Derek, October 24, 2012 19:56 CDT
4.21 a gallon for E-0 as of 10/24/12. Still think it's a bit expensive.. but we'll see what kinda results i get!
Updated by Doug, October 12, 2012 22:18 CDT
The price on Oct 9, 2012 was $4.25 per gallon, 87 octane.
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Updated by Roger, June 04, 2011 19:28 CDT
As of Friday, June 3, the USA station still had no ethanol-free gas. I contacted another station in the Harrisburg area that was to also have ethanol-free and was told by a lady there that it is no longer legal to sell ethanol-free gas. Has anyone else heard this?
Updated by John, May 27, 2011 12:04 CDT
If other stations can get it, why can't they? I hope their prices are a heck of a lot cheaper if they go to ethanol. Considering the crappy old slow pumps they have, I wouldn't know why anyone would go there except to get ethanol free or really cheap gas. Ever use their pumps on a really cold day?
Updated by Bill, May 24, 2011 15:25 CDT
My son went there yesterday and was told they have not been able to get ethanol free gas for several weeks and were going to be forced to stop selling it for lack of supply
Updated by Harry, May 24, 2011 14:23 CDT
Thank you Charlie! The classic cars and lawn equipment thank you also. Nice to have them start on the first pull and not have to run partially choked to stay running. Unlaced gas saves a lot of time and money. Better MPG, no melted/corroded gas lines, tanks, carb parts, and fuel pumps. Keep the real gas coming!
Updated by Charlie, May 23, 2011 20:39 CDT
Thank You for your business Harry, and thanks to everyone who shops at Charlies. On a side note the retail price has gone down 20 cents a gallon in the last 10 days with a chance for more downward action in the future. Thanks again!
Updated by Mike, May 17, 2011 21:09 CDT
Ouch, did you see this link?
Updated by Harry, May 17, 2011 14:30 CDT
Still empty! I had to go to Ephrata to get my E0. $175.00 in Charlie's pocket.
Updated by Nate, May 12, 2011 17:21 CDT
Does anybody know if he received a shipment of ethanol free yet?
Updated by RON, May 07, 2011 13:51 CDT
tells me he is getting his gas from a distributor in Reading, Pennsylvania and it cost him more to get it without ethanol. I checked with two other "GAS USA" station that also get there gas from the same distributor in Reading, Pa. and they said that is not possible???? I sure wish I knew the gas distributor name in Reading Pa. Also I am told by State official that any station selling Non Ethanol gas must have a certification certificate posted inside the business. You may have to ask to see it even though it is supposted to be posted in plain sight.
Updated by Bob, May 06, 2011 10:25 CDT
Not looking good! Been out of gas for over a week. Hope they call Charlie's Citgo in Ephrata and find out where they're getting E-0.
Posted by Mike, March 07, 2011 17:20 CST
This station used to be on here, but someone deleted it. It still is E0 as of today, according to the signs and lack of stickers, but their gas prices are so high, near the highest price in the state. Apparently they think that people will overpay to get E0. I am not a sucker, but it is E0 regardless.