Breezy Hill Curb Mkt - UNBRANDED
101 Bettis Academy Rd, Graniteville SC
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 87 89 90
GPS coordinates: N 33.57272 W 81.83549 (located from address)
Updated by Lee Kolb, December 31, 2019 5:57 CST
Have shopped here for years. Station was out of business yesterday.
Updated by mike t, August 29, 2018 16:42 CDT
Updated by Howard Jones, April 03, 2016 19:21 CDT
On the "premium" pump, instead of 93-octane, the octane is now 90. Could be considered "Super-Plus"?
Updated by Jonathan Lathbury, May 31, 2014 19:05 CDT
Added phone number.
Updated by Howard Jones, August 20, 2011 18:16 CDT
I might also add that the station has brand-new pumps---one with regular, mid-grade, and premium (all ethanol-free), and another with E-10 regular gasoline or (I think) ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel.
Updated by Randall Lowe, July 28, 2011 23:19 CDT
The very personable female clerk told me that Breezy Hill Market has had Ethanol Free 89 octane gasoline for about two weeks as of this evening.
Updated by Howard Jones, May 12, 2011 22:49 CDT
Hi, Jeff. Thought I'd help with the spelling of GRANITEVILLE. It might help with GPS coordinates.
Posted by Jeff, January 10, 2011 11:10 CST