Daniel's Best Buy - UNBRANDED
3512 Stonewall St, Greenville TX
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 87 91
GPS coordinates: N 33.13212 W 96.10766 (entered by Jonathan Lathbury)
Updated by Ben, July 23, 2017 14:22 CDT
According to sign closes at 3pm on the Saturday and closed Sunday.
Updated by Tom, March 01, 2017 16:06 CST
March 1st, 2017 $2.50 for Octane 87
Updated by Pete, November 03, 2015 13:30 CST
$2.75 for Ethanol Free 87
Updated by Pete, October 08, 2015 13:36 CDT
$2.55 for Ethanol Free 87
Updated by Jonathan Lathbury, April 01, 2015 11:40 CDT
Updated GPS coordinates.
Updated by S. Hines, February 15, 2014 16:53 CST
Both 87 and 91 octane still available. 87 was $3.59/gal. Forgot to check price on 91 octane.
Updated by Mike T, September 08, 2013 22:37 CDT
They are still open (weekdays and Saturdays, close around 6). They still rent Uhauls. I've been buying from them for gas to use on 2 cycle equipment. No problems in more than a year using their gas. Plan ahead if you go, sometimes there is a line. You may have trouble getting into the small lot with a trailer if it is crowded. I've seen people filling up 50gallon drums.
Updated by J Roberts, June 10, 2013 13:46 CDT
station closes at 6 pm on weekdays 6 June 2013
Updated by Jonathan Lathbury, May 25, 2013 15:47 CDT
Added phone number.
Updated by Bob, March 14, 2013 18:16 CDT
Four ethanol-Free pumps a little higher than The junk every one else is selling.. I will go back as long as my small engins keep going
Updated by butch, October 07, 2012 18:48 CDT
stopped by at 7:15 on a friday & station was closed. saw pumps for 87 & 93 ethanol free. 3.85/gal, 30 cents more than competition
Updated by steve, August 22, 2012 8:26 CDT
Updated by tex, August 18, 2012 4:00 CDT
Updated by clifton, August 16, 2012 18:33 CDT
Stopped by this morning before they opened. Weekday hours are 8-6 but I didn't pay attention to their weekend hours, sorry. Advertised price was $3.85 cash or credit which was 40 cents more then nearby regular or the same price as nearby premium. I haven't done the math, but considering saved wear and tear and the increased mileage and horsepower, it is still probably more cost effective than the other guy's ethanl crap!!!
Updated by Scott, May 08, 2012 21:56 CDT
Closed Sundays.
Updated by Mike T, January 30, 2012 14:40 CST
Still open, still has Ethanol Free Gas (and Uhauls)
Updated by Norman, January 11, 2012 19:48 CST
Disappointed.....Question?... Why drive 85 miles to Gainesville to buy ethanol-free gas if it’s truly 15 cents cheaper within one mile of Daniels Best Buy in Greenville.
Updated by Dave, January 09, 2012 11:31 CST
Disappointed. The 10 cent cash discout is fine, but even with that they are charging $3.40/gal for regualr, at the self service pump. The local stations not 1 mile mile from this station were charging $3.25/gas for regular, that's a 15 difference and negates the value of it for me. I will continue to drive to Gainesville to fill my extended tank. These guys are gouging their ethanol free gas.
Updated by tartantyger, July 27, 2011 9:04 CDT
ALL pumps are now ethanol-free
Updated by Mike T, March 22, 2011 16:04 CDT
This station is still open. It also rents Uhauls. The store owners are friendly.
Updated by travis, February 21, 2011 23:30 CST
903-455-2052 corner of O Neal still has 1 pump ethanol-free
Posted by David Nunn, October 23, 2010 15:15 CDT
Best pay with cash or check. It is 10 cents a gallon more to use a credit card.