4861 Cleburne Blvd, Dublin VA
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 90
GPS coordinates: N 37.09242 W 80.68794 (entered by MadFueler)
Updated by vamtns, July 05, 2016 7:46 CDT
as of June 2016 they still have 90 Octane E0 was 2.89 gal last time I purchased
Updated by MadFueler, December 21, 2015 20:10 CST
Corrected GPS coordinates from satellite photo to place map marker in correct location, and directly on station canopy. (Previous coordinates of 37.11031°N 80.69453°W are, as DLM notes below, on the north side of town.) Updated phone number.
Updated by Steve Taylor, January 16, 2015 23:58 CST
correct to read on and off road diesel. Pay at the pump is working after hours. Sorry the voice recognition doesn't work as fast as I talk
Updated by Steve Taylor, January 16, 2015 23:55 CST
no phone number as I can see posted. However businesses open selling 90 octane midgrade ethanol free as well as temper sent ethanol in regular and premium great on and off for a diesel pay at the pump is working after hours
Updated by Steve Taylor, January 16, 2015 23:52 CST
Removed by Jonathan Lathbury, February 26, 2014 7:58 CST
I called and found that the phone had been disconnected. They appear to be out of business.
Updated by Jonathan Lathbury, February 25, 2014 21:41 CST
Added phone number.
Updated by Billy, April 02, 2013 20:29 CDT
They no longer carry ethanol-free. Hope this helps everybody.
Updated by Jonathan Lathbury, November 29, 2012 21:29 CST
Updated name and address. Their phone number is 540-674-6730.
Updated by DLM, May 15, 2012 15:34 CDT
Map is incorrect. Station is actually located between I-81 and RT 11 across from the Dublin Town Center.
Updated by ernie, December 24, 2011 21:10 CST
Shop Eez still has 90 octane posted as no ethanol. I stand corrected from my last post.
Updated by ernie, November 27, 2011 16:59 CST
I believe this gas station to be shut down
Updated by john williams, May 08, 2011 15:38 CDT
Only 90 octane 4.05 per gallon
Updated by DC Grid, November 20, 2010 8:21 CST
Only 90 octane now...
Posted by D C Grid, September 19, 2010 8:50 CDT