Meridian Food Mart - CHEVRON
11802 S Meridian / 11802 Meridian E, Puyallup / South Hill WA
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 92
GPS coordinates: N 47.14900 W 122.29350 (entered by Charles Blanchard)
Removed by Jonathan Lathbury, August 03, 2020 8:39 CDT
This station is already listed.
Updated by Jonathan Lathbury, August 03, 2020 8:29 CDT
Removed by John, August 02, 2020 19:14 CDT
No longer selling ethanol-free gas since they remodeled.
Updated by Paul, July 26, 2020 16:36 CDT
This station always has unbranded 92 octane non ethanol fuel. Clean station too.
Updated by Darin, September 14, 2019 9:37 CDT
they have 92 ethanol-free gas at pumps 5 and 7 it is $4.19
Updated by Will, September 03, 2019 0:44 CDT
I have changed the name to Chevron because that is what the station is now, but Meridian Food Mart is still there. Yes, they have non-ethanol according to the sign and to BJ's comment of August 24.
Updated by BJ, August 24, 2019 10:46 CDT
Pumps 5 and 7. Just paid 3.89 for the 92. Nice little place!
Updated by EW, August 24, 2019 9:58 CDT
Pumps are up and running!
Updated by Wayne, July 14, 2019 15:57 CDT
Spoke to them today. Construction delayed. Pumps are now supposed to be up and running 17 Aug 2019.
Updated by Jim, June 28, 2019 15:55 CDT
Talked to them today. They say pumps are being replaced and expect them up and running in 2 weeks.
Updated by Will, June 24, 2019 11:56 CDT
Re the June 23 comment by J Rose: do you have a source for that word. I drive by there frequently and concur with Robert Borton's June 14th comment: "Still under construction. There is a sign indicating that the station will continue selling non-ethanol gas when it reopens the pumps."
Updated by J Rose, June 23, 2019 9:40 CDT
This station has been closed down. Word is Chevron bought out the property. No more Ethanol free has!
Updated by ROBERT BORTON, June 14, 2019 15:14 CDT
The business considers itself to be in Puyallup, so I changed the order of the cities. Also, I put back the business phone number vice my own.
Updated by ROBERT BORTON, June 14, 2019 15:08 CDT
Not in Eatonville. According to USPS, you can use 11802 S Meridian or 11802 Meridian E, and you can use South Hill or Puyallup. Also, USPS assigns all of these address variations to the same zip code plus 4.
Updated by ROBERT BORTON, June 14, 2019 14:36 CDT
Still under construction. There is a sign indicating that the station will continue selling non-ethanol gas when it reopens the pumps.
Updated by mykeeb33, May 27, 2019 17:09 CDT
Correction; The pumps are leveled. The store is still there. I hear the pumps will be operational end of June.
Updated by Mykeeb33, May 17, 2019 15:54 CDT
The station has been completly leveled as of 5/17/19. It's gone!
Updated by onedun, May 12, 2019 12:59 CDT
Under construction. None of the pumps are operational.
Updated by Rich, May 11, 2019 13:34 CDT
5-11-19 Swung in to buy fuel, and the fuel pumps are closed off, not sure if they are just updating or closing the pumps, will try to swing in and ask inside the convenience store there.
Updated by J. Rose, December 16, 2018 19:52 CST
Unconfirmed: one of our clients said this station is/or is being, bought out by Chevron.
Updated by Bir Singh, August 27, 2018 11:19 CDT
New Owners, Bkr Properties LLC DBA: Meridian Food Mart
Updated by Darin Blankenship, July 30, 2018 15:07 CDT
There gas has water in it some times, got gas 7/24/18 truck started running rough, had to put octane boost and acetone, $4.39 a gallon to much money for bad gas will get gas somewere else.
Updated by Shawn, May 20, 2018 20:28 CDT
4.39 per gallon of 92 ethanol-free gas
Updated by Jeff, July 18, 2017 6:37 CDT
I got a tank of bad gas a few times from them and this last time a week ago is it.
Updated by JeepingJack, March 03, 2017 15:49 CST
92 octane Non Ethanol price on March 3rd 2017 is $3.99 per gallon using a credit card.
Updated by T H, October 01, 2016 21:25 CDT
3.69 as of 10/01/16
Posted by Charles Blanchard, June 09, 2016 7:41 CDT
Very good gas!