Heeia Kea Pier Gen. Store - ALOHA
46-499 Hwy 830, Kaneohe HI
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 89
GPS coordinates: N 21.44448 W 157.80978 (located from address)
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He’eia Kea Pier General Store & Deli carries Aloha Classic ethanol-free gasoline, a Top Tier gasoline rated a minimum 89-octane and containing a detergent additive. Aloha Classic ethanol-free gasoline is formulated for boat engines and other small engines that can be damaged by ethanol-blended gasoline. HKP is planning to renovate operations to include a new 10,000 gallon ethanol-free gasoline tank, two 5,000 gallon #2 Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel tanks, two new 24/7 self-service fuel pumps, 100-foot ceiling mounted retractable fuel hoses, and bright ballast lighting among other things. Competitive, volume-based pricing at or below market will also soon be available, including credit terms and customer loyalty program. All part of the community revitalization efforts to restore the pier as a safe, effective gathering place for residents and locals.
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I filled up on 6/9/13 and was told it's 87 octane
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