Pride Of Menasha - MARATHON
209 Racine St., Menasha WI
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 87 91
GPS coordinates: N 44.20391 W 88.44615 (located from address)
Updated by b franklin, May 29, 2017 15:58 CDT
The 87 ethanol free is in a small pump separate from the other pumps but in line with the ones nearest the street (not easy to notice). The price usually is $0.15 higher than 87 with ethanol.
Updated by Jules, April 07, 2017 7:40 CDT
I called and asked if their 87 octane was ethanol free and the guy said yes, but I drove there and it is not! He lied.
Posted by F. Otto, October 25, 2015 16:57 CDT
As of 10/25/15; ethanol-free regular is $2.59 vs $2.34 for regular gasahol