University Station - CASEY'S
1300 R Engelstad Arena Dr, Grand Forks ND
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 87 91 110
GPS coordinates: N 47.93216 W 97.06990 (located from address)
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Updated by Sean, August 14, 2016 22:37 CDT
Went by on 8/12/16 and 110 octane was sold out. BUT, I asked about it being ethanol free - it is as well as the 91 octane. I asked if 110 lead & phosphorus free and safe for catalytic converters in street legal cars. "No, not for emission control cars" according to the cashier. He was very helpful and told me he does get that question from time to time and he added racers the guys with antique cars use it.
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Posted by Matty Dizzle, September 25, 2015 21:40 CDT
91 no ethanol all year and 110 no lead race fuel April through to October or "summer race season" in this frozen tundra. Sometimes they run out of race fuel as there is a local very popular dirt track. Also April to October is a tentative date it's definetly just whenever they decide it's time. This station is right of US highway 2 and only 10 blocks off Interstate 29. I hope this is helpful and one day all gas will be ethanol free as it should be and people stop lining big wigs pockets!