Country Fair - CITGO
1843 S Center St Ext, London PA
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 91
GPS coordinates: N 41.15311 W 80.15250 (entered by Bill Schoentag)
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delete - listed as CITY = Grove City per map - same phone and street address
Updated by Karl, June 08, 2017 19:44 CDT
This staton is actually in London, PA at the I79 interchange. They have two islands with dedicated pumps for 91 octane Ethanol free gas. I have been buying it there for over a year.
Updated by carl, April 16, 2017 19:01 CDT
Updated by Bill Schoentag, April 06, 2017 2:45 CDT
they only have 91 I updated the GPS coordinates
Updated by Eric, January 12, 2017 19:42 CST
Someone below says has 91 octane ethanol free. They don't have 91 only 87/89/93. I checked every pump.
Updated by Eric, January 12, 2017 19:40 CST
Was there today after bought new snow blower to get ethanol free gas based on this site. I live 7 miles away. It does not have ethanol free gas.
Updated by GG, October 27, 2016 20:27 CDT
This station HAS ethanol free gas 91 octane
Updated by B Palmer, July 27, 2016 14:27 CDT
I79 and Grove City exit.
Updated by R Rogers, July 25, 2016 8:37 CDT
This station does not offer methanol free gas..
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Added phone number.
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remove city/st/zip from street field
Posted by RKP, September 05, 2015 7:28 CDT
Just off Intersate 79