Sunoco - SUNOCO
35777 S Huron Rd, New Boston MI
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 89
GPS coordinates: N 42.13649 W 83.38701 (entered by Jonathan Lathbury)
Updated by Tom D., March 22, 2019 16:56 CDT
The pump is located behind the building in the truck fueling area. It is pump 13/14 and is the closest pump to the building on the south side.
Updated by Tom D., March 22, 2019 16:55 CDT
Removed by Steve H, January 05, 2019 21:42 CST
Gas at this station does in fact contain ethanol alcohol
Updated by Chris, October 14, 2018 16:41 CDT
$3.899 per gallon on 10/14/18
Updated by MARIO, September 04, 2017 14:11 CDT
Updated by Dan, August 06, 2017 15:34 CDT
They dont have 89 pure gas for the last few weeks I've noticed. "We don't have none and we are not sure when we are getting any" was the answer that I got.
Updated by Kim Noble, July 16, 2017 9:08 CDT
Priced at $3.35 as of July 16, 2017. Pump 13, recreational
Updated by Jonathan Lathbury, November 27, 2016 16:11 CST
Added GPS coordinates.
Updated by Jon, November 02, 2016 9:54 CDT
Actually, address was wrong one too.
Updated by Jon, November 02, 2016 9:50 CDT
Map location was wrong as address is S. Huron Rd., but map took you to S Huron River Dr.. It's actually at the intersection of I275 and S. Huron Rd. GPS updated. Pump 13 for cars.
Updated by Kurt S., July 19, 2016 9:03 CDT
Up and running
Updated by Paul Roberts, June 04, 2016 19:02 CDT
90 Oct recreational fuel Pump is currently down. Has been for past couple weeks. Cashier has no idea when it will be up again
Updated by GaryC, May 08, 2016 21:28 CDT
Updated address according to Sunoco website
Updated by craig, August 14, 2015 3:43 CDT
abbrev addr
Posted by Chris Bartolo, August 13, 2015 19:47 CDT
Pump 13 on the big truck side. $3.299 per gallon on 8/11/2015. They also have 110 Octane leaded race gas, Torco brand).