Esso - ESSO
909 Edward St N, Prescott ON
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 91
GPS coordinates: N 44.71004 W 75.51243 (located from address)
Removed by Darren, January 19, 2021 11:34 CST
According to Imperial/Esso/Mobil in Jan 2021: the 91-octane fuel has approximately a 5.7 to 7.7% Ethanol blend in the fuel. Email Imperial Oil/Mobil/Esso for more details:
Updated by Fred Willard, December 15, 2017 15:42 CST
only 91 Octane is Ethanol free with Esso in Canada
Updated by Doug, August 15, 2017 0:04 CDT
Visited this station yesterday and asked if all their gas was ethanol-free. They said only 89 and 91 octane were ethanol-free and that 87 octane contained 5%ethanol.
Updated by Mohammad Naeem, December 29, 2015 12:46 CST
Called to confirm if any fuel grades contain ethanol. Was told they don't have ethanol in any grade. The "contain upto 10% ethanol" sticker was not there. By legislation it is required to have that sticker for grades containing ethanol, hence the inquiry. Cheers!
Updated by Jonathan Lathbury, August 07, 2015 20:17 CDT
Added phone number.
Posted by Steve, August 07, 2015 19:00 CDT