Olympus Hills Service - SINCLAIR
3905 S Wasatch Blvd, Salt Lake City UT
Ethanol-free octane ratings:
GPS coordinates: N 40.68675 W 111.79556 (entered by Ron Lillie)
Updated by Jonathan Lathbury, March 27, 2020 8:59 CDT
Called and verified this station still sells E0 gas.
Updated by Jonathan Lathbury, March 27, 2020 8:57 CDT
Removed by Rich, August 04, 2019 15:31 CDT
All ethanol gas now
Updated by Rich, August 04, 2019 15:30 CDT
All ethanol based gas now.
Updated by Bluborder, January 11, 2018 17:53 CST
Purchased 7 gallons of non-ethanol (E0), 88 octane, gasoline from one of the pumps on the North island. The non-ethanol pumps have a blue handle.
Updated by steve, February 10, 2017 17:14 CST
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Updated by ron, November 17, 2016 18:49 CST
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Updated by Scott Dee, October 26, 2016 9:02 CDT
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Updated by martindouglasj, August 08, 2016 13:50 CDT
Just filled up this morning with E0 88. Pumps 9, 10, 11, and 12 have a separate nozzle for E0. I didn't catch the exact cost per gallon, but it was priced slightly higher than premium. Maybe $2.76ish per gallon?
Updated by Dave, May 18, 2016 16:49 CDT
E0 has proven to be so popular, they were actually temporarily out of ethanol-free. Fuel truck pulled in as I was leaving and said they were having a hard time keeping the pumps full becasue E0 is becoming so popular.
Updated by Robert, May 18, 2016 15:44 CDT
$2.88 / gal mid grade, north side pumps, red handles
Updated by Mark, January 20, 2016 15:22 CST
Confirmed yesterday that only the 4 pumps on the north side have E0, and only on the mid grade. Even worse, the other pumps are now playing commercials while you pump gas, though that might be off topic here.
Updated by Gonz, November 03, 2015 0:00 CST
Yes, it's on the north island. Only the 88 is labeled as non but the price is less than premium which makes me a little suspicious. It's priced at a regular midgrade price.
Updated by MT Seats, October 23, 2015 18:44 CDT
Then why don't they label the pumps accordingly? Given it's scarcity, it makes no sense to sell E0 if nobody knows what it is? Each pump reads, "Contains up to 10% Ethanol" It's misleading or not true E0?
Updated by Jonathan Lathbury, October 07, 2015 18:24 CDT
I called and verified they do sell E0 gas at pumps 9, 10 ,11, & 12.
Updated by Jonathan Lathbury, October 07, 2015 18:22 CDT
Removed by MT Seats, October 07, 2015 18:16 CDT
No Ethanol free fuel at this station.
Updated by MT Seats, October 07, 2015 18:14 CDT
All pumps read "Contains up to 10% Ethanol".
Updated by craig, June 23, 2015 2:51 CDT
Posted by Ron Lillie, June 22, 2015 10:56 CDT
4-non-ethanol pumps on North Island Easy in and out