3200 Se Columbia Way, Vancouver WA
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 92
GPS coordinates: N 45.61765 W 122.63745 (entered by Rob)
Updated by B, April 22, 2020 13:23 CDT
3.99 /gal for 92.
Updated by Steve,April 2,2019 23:45 CDT, April 04, 2019 1:12 CDT
$4.29 per gallon for 92 octane.
Updated by Steve, April 08, 2018 3:41 CDT
$4.19 per gallon for 92 octane. Notice on pumps states station will be out of service on 11 April 2018 for certification.
Updated by James, November 18, 2016 17:11 CST
Definitely sells non-ethanol premium 92 octane. The regular grade gas does have ethanol. There is a huge sign in front of the store advertising non-ethanol, and it is indicated on the pump. This is not an attended station, but you can just pay with a credit card, no cardlock or anything special needed. This is a high volume station, I trust it more than any other I've looked at. Forgot to get the price but it was around $3.50.
Updated by Thomas, September 29, 2015 19:41 CDT
This gas station is located in Vancouver, WA.
Updated by Jay, August 23, 2015 14:09 CDT
location update
Updated by Jay, August 23, 2015 14:05 CDT
Updated by Thomas, August 02, 2015 0:46 CDT
Vancouver, WA
Updated by Bob, August 01, 2015 16:09 CDT
Posted under wrong state
Updated by Pat O., July 10, 2015 14:26 CDT
Paid $4.10/gal for clear premium 92 octane.
Updated by Pat O., July 01, 2015 20:26 CDT
Paid $4.10/gal for clear premium 92
Updated by Thomas, May 25, 2015 15:45 CDT
Premium 92 octane ethanol free for $3.75. Also sells 10% 87 octane and diesel. No cashier, credit cards only, sani-can bathroom.
Updated by Rob, May 01, 2015 16:43 CDT
This station is now open. 92 Oct. Non-Ethanol, $3.65 gallon.
Posted by Rob, April 23, 2015 15:40 CDT
The old card lock station on SE Columbia Way is re-opening on 4/27/15. 92 Octane Non-Ethanol will be available at the completely new station for purchase via credit card, in addition to account holders with cardlock access. Price per gallon has not been determined yet.