Newcomb Oil - MOBIL
57 N Main St, Pittsford NY
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 91
GPS coordinates: N 43.09489 W 77.51400 (entered by Matt)
Updated by Christine, January 16, 2016 13:24 CST
I amended Matt's 20 Oct 2014 (20:12 CT) report of CITGO as being the gasoline supplier for Newcomb Oil, to MOBIL. Everything else Matt noted, including that only 91 Octane is available for non-ethanol gas, is correct.
Updated by Christine, January 16, 2016 13:14 CST
Every time we drive by, we see a MOBIL sign @ Newcomb Oil. Today (16 Jan 2016) I called and an employee confirmed that Newcomb's supplier changed from CITGGO to MOBIL "about a year or so ago".
Posted by Matt, October 20, 2014 20:12 CDT
They have Ethanol Free on select pumps.