Hyperfuels - GULF
12455 Westpark Dr #G6, Houston TX
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 93 100 105
GPS coordinates: N 29.72383 W 95.60253 (entered by JESS HEWITT)
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This is not a station.
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Updated address.
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Not a gas station. Sells gas in 5 gal. container out of a storefront located inside a gated storage facility. Call before going.
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Station does not exist. Maps takes you too gated communities
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Marine 93 $49.19 for 5 gallons 260 $74.70 for 5 gallons Hours M-F from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Updated address.
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I e-mailed and verified this facility still sells high octane E0 gas. You should call or e-mail ahead to verify hours, availability, and price. Their e-mail address is sales@hyperfuels,com.
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Not every listing on this site is a traditional gas station. This facility sells high octane E0 racing fuel in 5 gallon containers which costs a good bit more than conventional gasoline. Call ahead to check hours, price, and availability.
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Removing for the convenience of people looking for an actual gas station.
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Being from out of town and travelling many miles out of my way to find this place, imagine my surprise when the pin drop took me to a mini warehouse with no gas station in site! This needs to be removed from the site!
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Once you know where to go it's a breeze. However, no pumps and they will dip into your wallet for $8.00 per gallon- Burglars!!! It's an outrage... Bring your 5 gallon cans- it's really not worth it IMO.
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Added Unit Number and Location Instructions
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And, it isn't a station, it's a storefront/warehouse.
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Finally got in touch with them through their website, http://www.hyperfuels.com/ and thanks to a nice lady named Megan, got instructions on how to find them. Address shown is correct, but they are actually inside the fence of Lifestyle Storage. You'll need to contact them in advance and get a code for the gate, both in & out.
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I don't know where this is, but it's not at 12455 Westpark! That address does not exist, and there are no retail businesses between the Sunoco station at 12091 and the empty former CVS or Walgreens at 12606. There is in fact only 1 address between those 2 numbers and it is a 125xx number. btw, Isobutanol will not attract water like ethanol.
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They don't return calls and never seem to be open.
Updated by Jess Hewitt, March 20, 2015 7:04 CDT
E0 Octanes Available: 93, 98, 100, 105, 110 and 116, all ethanol free and they also sell MARINE 93 and 100 with Isobutanol and no ethanol
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Would be helpful to know what "not pure gas" means. Isobutanol is an alcohol variety but does not have the same properties as ethanol. May or may not pick up water and not sure about its effects on rubber parts.
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I called and talked with this facility. They do sell 93 octane E0 in five gallon cans. They also sell and can order other higher octane fuels as needed.
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This is not pure gas.
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