Circle K - AVFUEL
3201 Hwy 95, Lk Havasu City AZ
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 100 104
GPS coordinates: N 34.53623 W 114.35177 (entered by Jonathan Lathbury)
Updated by Scott, December 14, 2016 23:10 CST
They sell 100 octane fuel but the pump has a sticker on it that says "may contain up to 10% ethanol." The cashier in the store didn't know anything about ethanol, so I suspect it's not ethanol free. Go to Parker Oil instead, they know what they're talking about.
Updated by LARRY, December 13, 2016 13:16 CST
100 LL
Updated by steve, May 24, 2016 18:13 CDT
Updated by Janice, February 13, 2016 13:41 CST
This station does not have ethanol free fuel
Updated by Jonathan Lathbury, August 16, 2015 16:22 CDT
I called and verified their 100 octane racing fuel is still available for $6.49 per gallon. They claim it does not have ethanol.
Updated by Jeff, June 25, 2015 23:37 CDT
Station does not have non ethanol gas
Updated by dukester, August 30, 2014 7:00 CDT
Updated by Jonathan Lathbury, August 29, 2014 13:45 CDT
This station is located at the intersection of Az Hwy 95 and Lake Dr.
Posted by Jonathan Lathbury, August 29, 2014 13:39 CDT
This station sells 100 octane E0 at the pump for $6.29 per gallon.