Phillips 66 - PHILLIPS 66
2000 Springfield Rd, East Peoria IL
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 89 91
GPS coordinates: N 40.64060 W 89.56000 (entered by Jim Moore)
Updated by John, April 22, 2017 16:42 CDT
as of April 22, 2017, only 89 and 91 octane are alcohol free according to their pumps. 87 octane now says contains alcohol.
Updated by Jonathan Lathbury, January 07, 2014 11:53 CST
Added phone number.
Updated by Andy, March 28, 2013 19:32 CDT
Premium without ethanol is back. It's pure premium now with 91 octane . I found that no body has 93 octane without ethanol any more in il.they also have regular 87 octane without ethanol. Only station who has ethanol free gas.
Updated by Chris, January 28, 2013 13:50 CST
91 no longer pure gas, only 87
Updated by Kevin, January 27, 2013 22:04 CST
91 octane pumps now labeled "May Contain Up To 10 percent Ethanol"
Updated by illini, August 10, 2012 13:47 CDT
Updated by Chris, July 09, 2012 8:50 CDT
Highest octane has been changed to 91, with a price reduction that is appropriate.
Updated by Chris, May 25, 2012 9:32 CDT
Price is higher here tfor E0 han other pure gas spots (about 15% higher than E10 gas) in central illinois, but since my old tank gets 15-20% better mileage on E0, it's at least a wash financially. But my cars also runs better on it and I'll be able to keep it longer.
Updated by Rybones2112, May 11, 2012 21:07 CDT
Still sells low and high grade pure gas - was there today. They have no plans to change either.
Updated by Wes, April 18, 2011 11:21 CDT
regular and premium have no ethanol. mid grade does
Posted by Jim Moore, January 28, 2010 21:44 CST
Low grade and premium are "no ethanol" Mid-grade has 10%