Mexico Sinclair - SINCLAIR
4787 E Liberty St, Mexico MO
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 91
GPS coordinates: N 39.16345 W 91.82952 (located from address)
Updated by frank, June 04, 2019 7:03 CDT
There premium 91 octane says 100% ethanol free, but it looks like it has 10% methanol. I think that's just as bad on small engines, carbs, lines, etc..
Updated by W.H., March 14, 2018 18:55 CDT
Confirming that they still carry ethanol free in 91 octane.
Updated by Paul James Carleton, November 28, 2015 23:18 CST
I drive a 2000 Geo Metro, non ethanol makes a world of difference on performance and economy. I fill up once a week here, have not had any issues.
Updated by Jonathan Lathbury, July 22, 2014 21:39 CDT
Updated address and added phone number.
Posted by D.W., July 22, 2014 21:32 CDT
This is at the Sinclair station where Highway JJ (east of Mexico) meets 54. Only Octane 91 is Ethanol free. Just found out and confirmed this today (722/14).