Main St Service - SINCLAIR
45 N Main St, Layton UT
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 88
GPS coordinates: N 41.06085 W 111.96673 (entered by Chris Hayes)
Updated by AmyH, June 15, 2017 14:00 CDT
This place is a U-HAUL station that also serves gas. Keep that in-mind.
Updated by WillaimD, June 15, 2017 13:57 CDT
Pump then pay, ethanol-free, yes..., which seemed to lead to an unethical situation. I track my gas with a phone app. Was curious to me that my receipt said I used 9.74 gallons, but the machine said I used 9.13 gallons. I was overcharged. Watch him closely. It bothered me enough to take my business to the Kaysville Maverick, which has 4+ ethanol-free pumps where I pay at the pump and can avoid this overcharge and/or human error.
Updated by Karl ahlnise, January 16, 2016 20:54 CST
Be aware at this station if getting clear gas. They use the same dispenser to pump clear gas and ethanol gas out of the same nozzle. I asked the manager about it and said you only get a little of ethanol when pumping clear gas. Do i get a little bit of my money back????
Updated by logan, September 30, 2015 7:23 CDT
Updated by wberndt, August 24, 2015 14:11 CDT
There is now 1 ethanol free pump at each island. The current price, as of yesterday, is $3.05. You pay inside as the pumps do not have credit card readers and he station has limited business hours (5AM to 7PM?) and closed on Sundays.
Updated by Lenny Taylor, June 30, 2015 12:10 CDT
Still available here as of June 30, 2015
Updated by Don, September 05, 2014 14:56 CDT
Got some today for $3.80 a gallon. A little hard to find as down the road is another Main Street Service that doesn't sell gasoline. Look for the U-Haul trucks across from Fat Alberts Gym.
Updated by DENVER MILLER, August 29, 2014 17:09 CDT
Hours 0600-1800 Mon-Fri, 0700-1700 Sat, closed Sun.
Posted by Chris Hayes, June 20, 2014 15:33 CDT
Old Style pumps that don't take card payments.