Quiktrip #1077 - QUIKTRIP
3282 Us Hwy 21, Fort Mill SC
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 87
GPS coordinates: N 35.08241 W 80.93327 (entered by MadFueler)
Updated by MadFueler, March 04, 2018 15:36 CST
Tweaked GPS coordinates using satellite photo to place map marker between E0 pumps, which are on the 3rd and 4th islands from the south end (pumps 5-8).
Updated by Thomas B Furr Jr, August 25, 2016 7:42 CDT
The only grade this station sells is E087, be sure you shop prior or after noon time as this is a very busy place, I visted yesterday Aug 24,2016 around 10am and zipped in and out.
Updated by Thomas B. Furr Jr., June 17, 2016 14:39 CDT
Dropped by yesterday and one of the keys for finding the ethanol free pumps are to look for the RED handle. Should you see the Red handle then that is the EO fuel pump
Updated by Jonathan Lathbury, November 10, 2015 12:47 CST
Updated name.
Updated by bob, August 30, 2014 13:36 CDT
Updated by Robert B Anderson, August 15, 2014 14:11 CDT
Gased up there yesterday, ethanol free 87 was $ 3.39 ($0.30) per gal higher than ethanol. last 4 pumps on the south end of station are Diesel and the next 4 pumps are ethanol free. I think that all of them are all 87 octane.
Updated by Jonathan Lathbury, August 02, 2014 10:56 CDT
Updated octane.
Updated by cory58, June 19, 2014 13:38 CDT
Stopped by this station yesterday. Price for ethanol free 87 was $3.48 ($.20 premium over standard 87). Did not see the ethanol free 89, but only looked at one pump. The 89 may be at a different pump.
Updated by palmetto, May 24, 2014 15:22 CDT
located at Flint Hill Rd
Posted by jdk2, May 24, 2014 13:36 CDT