Mini Mart - SINCLAIR
1015 12th St, Ogden UT
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 88
GPS coordinates: N 41.24404 W 111.95377 (located from address)
Updated by Dale Strebel, December 02, 2014 20:30 CST
I'm very happy to know that e have a decaded pump, I will be using this gas on my Mowing business. Thanks
Updated by Larry, August 13, 2014 18:49 CDT
I wanted to note that this station uses a dedicated hose too, Not a shared hose. Many pumps have a single shared hose at the dispenser and if the person before you bought a different grade of gas With ethanol, then the hose could have up to a quart of fuel in it that goes into your tank before the non-ethanol gas you are buying starts coming out. For my 2 gallon motorcycle tank, that means 1/8 of the purchase could possibly Not be ethanol-free. I prefer to go to stations that also have a dedicated hose for ethanol-free gas. I would suggest that this web site add a field for each listing that indicates if the pump uses a dedicated hose for the ethanol-free gas.
Updated by Larry, August 13, 2014 15:55 CDT
Drove by this station and verified that yes, they do have non-ethanol fuel. The dispensers at the far North and South have the non-ethanol fuel. I will be starting to use this station now too.
Updated by Jonathan Lathbury, May 21, 2014 18:41 CDT
Updated address and added phone number.
Updated by Roy, May 21, 2014 15:55 CDT
The dispensers at the far North and South have the non-ethanol fuel.
Posted by dtmoto, May 21, 2014 9:24 CDT