Royce Groff Oil - UNBRANDED
515 Us Hwy 90 E, Castroville TX
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 90
GPS coordinates: N 29.35612 W 98.86614 (entered by AskMeLater)
Updated by kg, May 23, 2019 11:16 CDT
Now has 90 Octane
Updated by dlorriii, June 24, 2016 12:11 CDT
Filled up my truck and two gas cans today. $3.08/g; buys from a refinery in Louisiana.
Updated by Paul, May 04, 2016 19:12 CDT
Still selling ethanol-free. Called telephone number listed above to verify prior to driving out tomorrow; automatic directory system answered phone, selected 0 for operator.
Updated by Red, February 25, 2016 16:53 CST
Paid $2.759 on 24Feb16. Only about ten miles outside of Loop 1604. Easy drive during mid-day.
Updated by dlorriii, November 12, 2015 12:36 CST
Filled up my gas cans today. Price was $2.90/gal. Employee said they purchase from a refinery in LA.
Updated by 89HondaOwner, October 21, 2015 23:42 CDT
Station is open M-F during normal business hours (closes at 5:00)
Updated by Pilgrim Shadow, September 29, 2015 15:37 CDT
forgot to mention; located right next door [West] to the Valero station
Updated by Pilgrim Shadow, September 29, 2015 15:33 CDT
9-29-15 Still selling non-ethanol 87 octane. @ $2.375/gal +tax 3% discount for cash. Said "we'll keep selling it for as long as we can".
Updated by AskMeLater (Amarillo, TX), March 10, 2015 1:32 CDT
** Still a good listing
** Filled up here yesterday. Still selling E0 87 octane.
Updated by AskMeLater (Amarillo, TX), December 23, 2014 18:41 CST
** Filled up today for $2.739/gal. Valero next door was at 2.299.

** They are an ExxonMobil distributor, but attendant stated that E0 is likely Valero brand from the Gulf Coast, as they cannot procure E0 from ExMo

Updated by Paul Brake, December 03, 2014 19:49 CST
Went there today--tanker truck was there replenishing the e0, so I had to wait a while. Filled up my SUV, and 2 cans for the motorcycle. Paid about $3.08/gal (Valero next door had reg/unl for about $2.59/gal.
Updated by k kibbe, December 01, 2014 9:15 CST
I've filled up two vehicles there, and they have never run better. The jets on my Triumph used to gum up and now they move freely. My Vespa throttle slide used to stick causing high idle. It's worth the 22 mile drive from SA. I've been taking everything except my daily driver there.
Updated by AskMeLater, July 29, 2014 23:05 CDT
Filled up with e0 87 octane here today. This company/station is located right next to Valero on US 90. Go inside the building and tell the lady what you want. Make sure you specify ethanol-free, as they also sell e10. Paid $3.799 today. Valero next door was $3.499 Asked lady if their other locations (see their website) also sell to the public. She said that none of the others sell e0. The pumps are labeled Exxon, but I didn't ask if that's what's actually dispensed. Open 8-5, Mon-Fri.
Updated by AskMeLater, July 28, 2014 22:01 CDT
According to Google maps, it looks like this station/company is located right next to the Valero on US90 E.
Updated by longhorn, March 28, 2014 6:16 CDT
Updated by Jonathan Lathbury, March 27, 2014 12:08 CDT
Added GPS coordinates.
Posted by Greg Sheldon, March 27, 2014 9:54 CDT
Just found this small local distributor