Acme/Fast Fuel - CFN
303 Thurston Ave Ne, Lacey WA
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 87 89 92
GPS coordinates: N 47.04756 W 122.89947 (located from address)
Updated by THOMAS B, May 16, 2020 14:23 CDT
Corrected Office phone number
Updated by THOMAS B, May 08, 2020 9:16 CDT
This station has gone an update on their pumps. This will cause fuel cross-contamination in fuel grades. If the last customer who used the pump before you pumped regular E 0, and you want premium E 0, you will for the first 1/2 gal be pumping regular gas before the premium gas cicks in.
Updated by Jonathan Lathbury, March 10, 2018 11:13 CST
According to their facebook page they are still selling E0 gas.
Updated by Jonathan Lathbury, March 10, 2018 11:12 CST
Removed by Ghost Rider, March 10, 2018 0:33 CST
Rode by on my bike, don't see any pumps, looks like they are only selling propone.
Updated by Allison Dumas, Acme Fuel, December 20, 2016 13:41 CST
Renovated station now open! Brand new pumps, we now carry 87, 89, and 92 Octane Top Tier Quality non-ethanol fuel. Open to the public 24/7 with CFN, Visa, MasterCard, or Voyager.
Updated by Dave, August 15, 2016 22:56 CDT
Station currently under renovation. Non-E 87 and 92 available at the 505 Lilly Rd Se location.
Updated by Rafael, December 21, 2015 18:47 CST
Was listed in California incorrectly.
Updated by linda dahl, November 09, 2015 13:54 CST used this station for over a year. They recently changed their supplier ( no mid grade ) and the quality and suffered. . Lower ,ileage and the car not running as well. I even tried the premium with same poor results I'm loking elsewhere for gas now- won't go back here
Updated by Acme, September 09, 2015 14:31 CDT
Regular and Premium Non-Ethanol gas available with Visa/MC or CFN card. Open to the public, 24/7 unattended station. Other station at 505 Lilly Rd SE in Olympia has Premium Non-Ethanol gas as well.
Updated by Christophe Allen, July 09, 2015 15:00 CDT
We will now carry 87 and 92 octane. We will no longer carry 89 octane.
Updated by Travis E, June 24, 2015 14:53 CDT
Accepts Visa/MC, no cash.
Posted by Christophe Allen, March 25, 2014 16:13 CDT
Noticed this wasn't listed anymore. Not sure why. Anyhow, we offer both Mid and Prem no ethanol. We are a CFN, but accept Visa and Master Card