Buffalo Shoals I G A - MARATHON
2887 Buffalo Shoals Rd, Newton NC
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 87
GPS coordinates: N 35.60583 W 81.11450 (entered by MadFueler)
Updated by MadFueler, November 24, 2015 19:23 CST
actually did update described but forgot to do
Updated by MadFueler, November 24, 2015 19:14 CST
Updated GPS coordinates from satellite photo to place map marker at E0 pump. It is in front of lot next to truck diesel pump, near ATM.
This place is a convenience store, grocery store, and hardware store in one.
Updated by Ray, April 15, 2015 7:10 CDT
87 ethanol free gas $2.59
Updated by Cyndi Smith, September 21, 2014 15:28 CDT
$3.59 gallon ethanol free
Updated by Mark, April 13, 2014 15:12 CDT
They have the 87 non-ethanol fuel for $3.49.9...87 with Ethanol is $3.57.9...go figure!!...get it while you can!!!
Updated by Jonathan Lathbury, February 16, 2014 19:01 CST
Added GPS coordinates.
Posted by daniel, February 16, 2014 16:58 CST
just started carrying it after the first of 2014. I found that it is priced 25c or so higher than ethanoled 87