Bolton Fuel Center #15 - UNBRANDED
8002 Slide Rd, Lubbock TX
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 86
GPS coordinates: N 33.52093 W 101.92238 (entered by Darrell G. Newsom)
Updated by D. Shield, June 16, 2017 13:34 CDT
$2.499 today. Available on all pumps.
Updated by __RVX, November 25, 2014 23:30 CST
@C.W.: If what you bought IS indeed, 86 AKI E0 gasoline, then you have probably answered your own question. Most cars/trucks are designed to run on 87 AKI *minimum*. Using 86 AKI gasoline, the vehicle's computer (ECU) automatically retards spark timing to compensate for the lower octane fuel, thus lowering performance, and increasing fuel consumption. Hope this helps. __RVX
Updated by jp, August 07, 2014 12:22 CDT
They have both. Look for Red. No alcohol.
Updated by AskMeLater, August 04, 2014 18:44 CDT
** Bolton has several stores in Lubbock, but only the two listed on pure-gas (#14 and #15) have e0.
Updated by Buster, July 04, 2014 5:18 CDT
Been buying Regular pure ole gas from here for months for truck, suv, and all lawn equipment. Burns better and gas mileage is better. Wish they would put in premium grade too!
Updated by longhorn, May 25, 2014 10:00 CDT
station name
Updated by C.W., April 20, 2014 18:50 CDT
Somebody local needs to check this station. I bought 25 gallons Fri (26 gallon tank), topped it off Sat with 8 gallons Sat, then drove 350 miles home. I got exactly the same MPG as I get with e-10 gas. I usually get about a 4 mpg increase from real gas.
Updated by ron, December 27, 2013 11:53 CST
Posted by Darrell G. Newsom, December 24, 2013 10:19 CST