Gingrich Amoco - AMOCO
102 S Sheridan Ave, Remus MI
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 91
GPS coordinates: N 43.59596 W 85.14539 (entered by Jonathan Lathbury)
Updated by Mike Gingrich, June 10, 2017 18:29 CDT
Premium Pumps are marked as Ethanol Free Amoco Ultimate 91 Octane. Located on corner of M66 and M20
Updated by jon, December 16, 2013 11:52 CST
station name
Updated by Jonathan Lathbury, November 29, 2013 19:33 CST
Added GPS coordinates.
Posted by T. Schwarck, November 29, 2013 19:20 CST
premium gas is ethanol-free, not stated at pump, but confirmed by owner/manager, located at corner of M-20 and M-66,