1300 S 4th St., Leavenworth KS
Ethanol-free octane ratings: 93
GPS coordinates: N 39.30654 W 94.91058 (entered by Babir)
Updated by litesong, December 09, 2015 13:30 CST
Shawn.......Not only is the 93 octane E0 high, it is MUCH HIGHER than the octane ratings for E10 ethanol blends indicate. Octane 93, E10, of course, has ethanol which has an octane rating of 114. HOWEVER, to be listed as 93 octane, a 10% ethanol blend would have to be blended into gasoline molecules only averaging 90+ octane. Yes indeed! 93 octane E10 only has gasoline molecules that are 90+ octane, whereas the gasoline molecules in 93 octane E0 are actually 93 octane.
Updated by Shaun Reynolds, April 16, 2014 10:54 CDT
Fav Trip offers Ethanol-free 93 Octane. Also the only station I know of in the area with that high an octane count.
Posted by Babir, October 19, 2013 15:48 CDT